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Things to Consider When Scouting Franchise Opportunities in Philadelphia, PA

Starting the journey to becoming a franchisee and investing in a business opportunity can be a complicated and ofttimes intimidating process. As a prospective investor holding an interest in the Philadelphia franchise landscape, you’ll want to make sure all your bases are covered before committing to a franchise near you. This article outlines a number of essential factors that should be considered when evaluating franchise opportunities in Philadelphia, PA, so that you make a thoughtful and informed decision that offers both the stability and potential of a profitable business.

Once you’ve identified a shortlist of promising franchises, proceed with a thorough exploration of each franchise to ensure you’ve making the best choice to secure your future as a franchisee. We’ll evaluate the startup and existing franchise opportunities in the city, the cost of entry and ongoing investment, the franchisor’s reputation and customer service approach, the local market’s demand and potential, and the resources available to provide assistance while launching and running a franchise in Philadelphia.

Franchise Opportunities: Start Up vs Existing Franchise

When researching franchise opportunities in your target market, particularly if you haven’t gone down this path before, you’ll want to understand the different approaches you can take when investing. There are two main paths to enter the franchise landscape: starting from scratch as a startup, or purchasing an existing franchise.

As a startup franchisee, you’ll need to locate a business concept that has a presence in the Philadelphia market, and the franchisor will provide you with the necessary training, resources, and guidance to get up and running as a new business in town. But this exciting entrepreneurial journey can take a few months to complete as you obtain the necessary permits and sign the franchise agreement, and it requires a more significant investment upfront as you’ll be taking on the costs of startup.

An existing franchise is a thriving business currently owned by another local franchisee. You’ll take over ownership and benefit from the franchise’s existing customer base (which can translate to revenue right away), operational experience, and established reputation in the city. It’s also a faster, smoother process to take over an existing franchise than launching a business from scratch: you won’t need to carry out as much research in the local market as the franchise already has a foothold, and you don’t need to pay for the franchisor’s startup fees.

What Does It Cost to Open a Franchise in Philadelphia?

The cost of investing in and running a franchise near you will vary depending on the type of business you select. As mentioned, if you are looking to start a franchise from scratch you will pay the initial franchise fee as well as the funds needed to cover your business’s initial setup, such as refurbishing and furnishing retail sites, training and onboarding staff, launching a website, and purchasing equipment. These startup costs will, on average, range from $50,000 to $200,000 for most businesses.

If you’re considering an existing franchise, you’ll pay initial franchise fees and associated costs per the franchise agreement, as well as have to pay to acquire the business through the purchase of the franchise. Additionally, you’ll want to carry out market research and financial analysis prior to assuming ownership in order to assess the franchise’s financial performance, including the current lease agreement on the store, customer loyalty, and sales trends. Finally, to become eligible to purchase an existing franchise, you may need to possess a particular pedigree of experience or financial backing as specified by the franchisor.

Research Franchisor’s Reputation and Customer Service

Customer service and the support of the franchisor is essential for any new franchisee, so research the customer service element of the franchise near you. You’ll want to check whether the franchisor includes favorable terms in the franchise agreement – such as access to resources and free training courses – which may spell success for your business and strengthen the franchise’s reputation in town. Make sure to delve into the customer feedback ratings for the franchisor and their existing franchises, to see how the company is viewed by the customer base and the local community.

Moreover, you’ll want to understand the ongoing fees required to maintain a profitable franchise. Franchise fees may depend on the size of the business and the percentage of sales, but they are generally reviewed and renewed annually. Furthermore, pay attention to the franchisor’s advertising fees that your franchise will need to contribute to, as well as the royalties, technology costs, and other business charges that may be required as part of the partnership.

The Local Market’s Potential and Resources to Assist

Consider what sets apart the Philadelphia market or what opportunities may arise in this city specifically when compared to other franchise markets in the region. Analyze the demographics to understand the customer base that your business is likely to attract. Are the customers local to the city, or do other nearby restaurant or retail customers visit regularly? Are there any significant changes you should consider in the local marketplace due to COVID-19? Additionally, take a look at the presence of rival businesses as well as their financial performance.

From a resource perspective, utilize the internet for the wealth of information and resources available, such as blogs, websites, and advice from independent franchise experts who may guide you through certain points in your decision – from financial assistance and the best practices for success to franchisee support and hiccups in the process of obtaining necessary permits. At the end of the day, your success as a franchisee is subject to research, dedication, and commitment.

Concluding concepts

Aspiring franchisees in Philadelphia have a wealth of opportunities for successful, profitable investments. Essential considerations, such as the type of franchise, the cost of entry, the franchisor’s reputation and customer service, the local market’s potential, and the resources on hand to provide assistance, enable you to make an informed decision that positively impacts your future.





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