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Guide to Most Profitable Franchises for Investors

Retirement is fast-approaching for many supporters of the retail industry, and the question on many minds is – where do I look next? For those looking to use their experience and the drive of their former career in one of the most rewarding and attractive business models – Franchising can be a great asset for those who are looking to take control of their own destiny, and navigate the often tumultuous business market.

For nearly a century, franchising has been providing those in the retail sector a pathway to success and an opportunity to manage a business of their own without as much risk as traditional startups entail. That said, the key to finding success in your franchise endeavor lies in choosing the best one to invest in, whether it be one of the larger name-brands or a smaller, more localized business.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the most profitable franchises for aspiring investors in the ultimate year of 2023, providing an analysis of the most profitable companies to invest in from an experienced, international perspective.

Reasons Why Franchise Investment is so Profitable

Franchising is an often preferred and incredibly successful method of entering the world of small business. Unlike traditional startups, and thanks to the many benefits that franchising has to offer, the chances of success exponentially increase as the franchiser has access to the franchisor’s vast resources, capabilities, and established brand recognition. Partnerships within the franchise are all the more lucrative for investors as franchisors and franchisees work together as opposed to heading individual paths in each other’s way.

The combination of the brand recognition that comes with a business like McDonald’s and the effectiveness of having those resources available at your disposal are what makes franchising a great portal to success. The proverbial shared wisdom of the franchisor’s team, as well as the support from the franchiser in terms of business and system training, are widely accepted one of the main reasons why franchising is such a profitable investment vehicle.

The Biggest Franchises and Profitable Franchises to Invest in for 2023

The most attractive franchises for investors in 2023 range brand-specific franchises to more unique opportunities. The types of franchises include companies from the fast-food industry, home care services, auto maintenance, and any other industry that you can potentially think of.


McDonald’s is one of the most widely-recognized franchise opportunities on the international market, and has been ranked, per Statista’s latest franchise report, as the leading franchise on the market in terms of market-share. With a vibrant presence in 119 countries, McDonald’s been a force in the fast-food industry since 1954 and continues to drive the consumer experience through their dedication to high-quality ingredients and time-honored classics.

McDonalds offers a variety of different franchise opportunities – on a global scale – to fit the needs of any investor, and even provides the financial resources to franchise owners to help get them started. Furthermore, individual McDonald’s franchises share an outstanding return on investment rate of 27 percent, making it one of the more profitable investments for potential franchisees.


Another one of the larger players in the fast-food industry and a great choice for investors in 2023 is Dunkin’, which offers franchise opportunities in the United States and more than 40 countries, capitalizing on sales that exceed $6.8 million throughout its portfolio.

Their business model focuses on specialty beverages, such as coffee and espresso drinks, as well as an American-style breakfast and lunch menu with sandwiches, salads, and reduced-calorie varieties that are tailored to their health-conscious customers.

Unlike McDonald’s, Dunkin’ requires franchisees to invest a minimum of $500,000 and work hands-on in the operations of the business. Franchisees are then rewards for their efforts with franchiser incentives such as ongoing business consulting, marketing, and financial resources from the franchiser.

Capitalizing on personal service-related franchises (PSF’s)

Whilst the fast-food industry is, and always will be, a lucrative option for a savvy investor. Other, less recognized franchise opportunities can be just as attractive and call for a lesser capital investment.

The focus here is to consider the personal service-related franchises, or PSF’s. According to franchise consultant and International Franchise Professionals Group member, Doug Chudzek “personal service-related franchises include business services, health and wellness, home care, auto care, children’s services, salons, pet care, and other businesses that focus on service as their main business”.

These services provide much more than just a new career and the ability to work your own hours, PSF’s also allow aspiring franchisees the personal satisfaction of providing something valuable to their communities, i.e. care for the elderly, pet-sitting services, beauty related services, or auto repairs.

Franchises, especially those that provide a service as their main business, can often be seen as a fantastic opportunity for franchisees, and can make a good return of investments as services are generally cheaper than products, with higher demand and lower inventory as well as overhead costs.

Other franchising opportunities

There is an endless list of franchise opportunities for those 2023 investors, from camps and medical services to food and beverages and real estate.

A not-so common opportunity of investing in a franchise arrives with transportation franchises. With the transportation industry being a major one, a significant portion of its network is dedicated towards independent operators. Therefore, investing in a transportation franchise would allow investors to take advantage of the low entry requirement and higher cash flow potential, as transportation franchises are one of the most profitable of the franchise family.

As with any great opportunity, the key to success lies in the amount of research invested in the process, coupled with the level of commitment and dedication of the franchisee. Going forward, investing into a franchise should be considered with the same rigor as any other business endeavor.

Closing ideas

For those looking to invest in a franchise in the year of 2023, there is no shortage of options. Whether it be fast-food, transportation, education, medical services, etc., traditional franchise investment is a great opportunity for investors looking for a career change in their later years.

The numerous advantages that come with buying into a franchised business can make franchisees wealthier and more successful in their business ventures than traditional startups. The most important factor, however, is keeping on top of the trends, researching your options, and finding the right franchised business for you.




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