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Can I Buy a Flooring Franchise?

Breaking away from the mundane corporate career and heading off on a journey in the world of business ownership is an exciting prospect. But, how do you get started? Many aspiring entrepreneurs opt for the franchising route as it provides a slightly surer footing and is less risky than starting a business from scratch. While franchising can be a great tool to help you make your business dreams come true, it’s important to know the ins and outs of franchising so as to make an informed choice and maximise your chances of success.

This guide will take you through the franchise process from selecting a franchise concept to evaluating the feasibility of a flooring franchise investment. From the legal, financial and management aspects of investing in a franchise, and more, this guide simplifies the journey into the world of franchise ownership.

1. What Is Franchising?

According to International Franchise Professional Group (IFPG), a franchise is a business model in which a company (the franchisor) sells the rights to use its intellectual property such as trademarks, logos and methods of doing business to an investor (the franchisee). In exchange, the franchisee pays a franchise fee and a royalty fee for ongoing support.

The franchise business model enables entrepreneurs to start a business with the help of an experienced franchisor. It helps to reduce the risk of business ownership by providing turnkey solutions, a proven system of operation and access to the brand’s resources.

2. Why Invest in a Flooring Franchise?

Flooring franchises are a great option for investors who want to own a business that’s focused on design and aesthetic. Flooring franchises are not only a creative outlet, they are also businesses with the potential for great profits. Here are some of the reasons to consider investing in a flooring franchise:

• Flooring is a stable industry—people will always need to buy flooring for their homes and businesses, making it a recession-resistant industry.

• Home renovation trends are booming—more and more homeowners invest in renovation and home improvement, creating a huge demand for flooring products.

• Increasing focus on interior design—with more focus on interior design, particularly when it comes to home décor and renovations, flooring is an essential part of any design aesthetic.

3. What to Consider Before Investing in a Flooring Franchise?

When considering a flooring franchise, there are a few key points to consider before signing on the dotted line.

• Cost of entry—the cost to enter the flooring franchise industry is significant. It includes the franchise fee, training, legal fees and more. You need to ensure you have enough funds to cover the initial cost of entry.

• Sufficient supply of products—as a flooring franchisee, you need to make sure that you have sufficient supply of the products you need. You also need to determine how quickly you will be able to get new stock.

• Qualified employees—you should consider whether you have access to the qualified and experienced employees that are necessary to make your business successful.

4. What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Flooring Franchise?

In addition to offering an interesting and creative product line, there are many benefits to investing in a flooring franchise. Here are some of the top benefits of investing in a flooring franchise:

• Brand recognition—you will benefit from the franchisor’s brand recognition, giving you a leg up when it comes to gaining market share.

• Turnkey business model—the franchisor helps you set up your business with a complete, proven flooring franchise system, making it easy to get up and running.

• Latest technology—as a franchisee, you will have access to the latest technology which helps you streamline processes, save time and maximise profits.

• Support—probably the most important benefit of investing in a flooring franchise is the support you will receive from the franchisor. You will have access to training, resources and ongoing support to ensure your success.

5. How to Get Started?

Before you jump into the world of franchising, it’s important to do your due diligence. Gather the necessary information about the business model, the respective franchises, and the franchisor’s industry. Research the flooring market and understand the competitive landscape.

After thorough research, consult the experts to understand the legal and financial aspects of investing in a franchise, and to obtain an accurate cost estimation.

When you’ve decided on the franchise you want to invest in, it’s time to finalise the agreement and complete all legal paperwork.


Franchising offers a multitude of benefits, making it an attractive business model for aspiring business owners. Investing in a flooring franchise can provide a creative outlet with the potential for great profits. When it comes to investing in a flooring franchise, make sure that you do your due diligence and consult the experts to get the best advice. With proper planning and the right support, you can launch a successful franchise business that help you build your brand and generate profits.


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