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Can I Buy a Residential Moving Franchise?

Franchise ownership can provide a great opportunity for those wishing to gain a level of control and independence in their lives, while still having the chance to build a business and potentially grow it to a much greater size. More and more people today are drawn to the idea of owning a franchise, especially those seeking to spend more time with their family or otherwise looking for a business model that allows for true independence and autonomy. But before you decide to purchase a franchise in the residential moving industry, it’s important to understand the frequently asked questions related to this unique option.

This article is focused on answering the most frequently asked questions by those considering a move to owning a residential moving franchise. We’ll include questions related to the start-up costs, the franchisor’s requirements, the ongoing fees and support, and increasing profits from your franchise. We’ll also discuss the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) to further ensure that you make the best decision in your move to owning a residential moving franchise.

What is the Total Start-up Cost of a Residential Moving Franchise?

The first question to consider when deciding if a residential moving franchise is the right choice is typically the total cost to purchase the franchise. The cost will vary, but it typically depends on the size of the franchise, the location, the franchisor, and the services offered. In general, the total upfront cost will depend on an initial fee related to the licensing of the franchise, as well as other fees for rights to use the franchisor’s brand, logo, and other intellectual property.

In addition to the upfront cost, there may be other costs associated with setting up the franchise, such as purchasing the necessary equipment, insuring the business, obtaining the necessary licenses, hiring staff, and paying any applicable franchise royalties. Generally, the total cost of a residential moving franchise is between $50,000 and $250,000.

What Are The Franchisor’s Requirements?

When considering a residential moving franchise, most people will also want to know if the franchisor has any specific requirements they need to be aware of. Typically, these are designed to ensure that the franchise is being run according to the franchisor’s standards and guidelines.

Some of the most common requirements for a residential moving franchise include using only approved vendors, abiding by the franchisor’s marketing guidelines, purchasing supplies and equipment from approved vendors, and obtaining the necessary licenses and insurance. Additionally, the franchisor may require a certain amount of training for employees, adherence to certain customer service standards, and attendance at periodic training sessions or meetings held by the franchisor.

What are the Ongoing Fees and Support with Owning a Moving Franchise?

In addition to the initial start-up costs associated with purchasing a residential moving franchise, there are also ongoing fees and support that you should be aware of. These include franchise fees for ongoing use of the franchisor’s brand, logo, and other intellectual property, as well as fees for any training sessions, meetings, or other events hosted by the franchisor.

The franchisor should also provide ongoing support, such as marketing materials, customer relations advice, operations support, and access to a network of other franchise owners. Additionally, most franchisors offer a money-back guarantee if the franchise is not successful or if the franchisee decides to end the agreement within the specified time period.

What are Some Tips For Increasing Profits with Your Franchise?

When running a residential moving franchise, a key motivation is typically to increase profits for both the franchise and the franchisor. Some of the most successful franchise owners will focus on building and maintaining a strong customer base by providing a high level of customer service and responsiveness.

Additionally, focusing on lowering operating costs and taking advantage of discounts and other opportunities when purchasing supplies and equipment can also help to increase profits. Additionally, advertising campaigns and other marketing tactics, such as targeting local schools or particular commercial businesses can help to bring in additional business and build a loyal customer base.

Finally, staying abreast of changes in the industry and responding accordingly can be an invaluable tool for increasing profits. It is important to be aware of changes in regulations, such as insurance checklists or safety requirements, and to be prepared to address those changes quickly and efficiently.

What is the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG)?

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is a membership-based franchise consulting network that was founded with the purpose of providing ethical, honest, and reliable information and resources to those considering a move to owning a franchise. This group provides prospective franchise owners access to the latest news and developments in the franchise industry, resources on franchise laws and regulations, and an extensive network of franchisors and other members of the IFPG.

By working with the IFPG and utilizing their resources, prospective franchisees can help to ensure that they are making the best decisions with regards to their franchise investment and are able to get the most out of their franchise business.


Buying a residential moving franchise can be an attractive and rewarding business opportunity for those looking to gain independence and control in their lives. However, it is important to thoroughly research the costs, requirements, and ongoing support of the franchisor, as well as consider alternative ways to increase profits.

By utilizing the resources of the IFPG and their extensive network of knowledgeable franchise professionals, prospective franchisees can gain the information and answers to their questions related to purchasing a residential moving franchise.


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