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For retail business owners and investors, seeking advice before investing in a residential moving franchise can be critical for their success. Choosing the right franchise opportunity can be a daunting task – yet, the process can be made simpler with the right information and assistance. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is a service provider dedicated to guiding business owners through the process of researching and investing in franchises. In this article, we answer commonly asked questions regarding residential moving franchises and discuss how IFPG’s network of franchisors, consultants and vendors can help investors find the right investment.

Why Invest in a Residential Moving Franchise?

Residential moving franchises have become an increasingly attractive investment in recent years, as they offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs to join a well-established industry and capitalize on growing consumer demand. The residential moving industry generates over $12 billion in annual revenue, and provides ample opportunities for franchisees to reach customers in new and growing markets. Additionally, residential moving franchises offer potential franchisees an easy way to enter the sector. Franchise owners are provided with the necessary resources, training and support that allow them to get their business up and running quickly and with minimal effort.

How Much Does a Residential Moving Franchise Cost?

The cost of a residential moving franchise can vary significantly depending on a range of factors, such as the size and scope of the franchisor’s operations, the location, and the services offered. Generally, franchisors require a fee of between $50,000 and $100,000 for the rights to the franchise. This fee covers expenses such as licensing, equipment, training materials, marketing support, and more. The ongoing costs of running the franchise, such as payroll, marketing, and taxes, will also be determined by the individual franchisor and the services offered by the franchise.

What Types of Services Can I Expect From Residential Moving Franchises?

Residential moving franchises offer a range of services to their customers, from packing and transporting household goods to storage solutions and loading and unloading services. Depending on the franchisor’s capabilities, franchises may also offer services such as turnkey packing services, delivery and pick-up services, and furniture assembly. Each franchisor is different, so it is important to do research into each opportunity to find a franchise that meets your needs and expectations.

What Training and Support Can I Expect With a Franchise?

Residential moving franchises typically provide their franchisees with extensive training programs, which include lectures, hands-on instruction, and demonstrations. Franchisees will also be provided with support personnel, who can offer practical advice and guidance through the process of running and managing the business. This support includes sales and marketing training, customer service protocols, and help with the process of setting up and maintaining the franchise.

How Can the International Franchise Professionals Group Help?

The IFPG provides a wealth of resources to help and guide aspiring business owners through the process of researching, selecting, and investing in residential moving franchises. Our network of franchise consultants have in-depth knowledge of the sector and can provide potential franchisees with a full assessment of their capabilities and resources. We also offer an extensive database of franchises that can help investors find the ideal franchise opportunity for their needs.


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