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Investing in Popular Pavement Maintenance Franchise

Retirees and stay-at-home parents are flocking back to the workforce, looking to invest in a business and claiming work-life balance on their own terms. Fulfilling this long-term ambition of sounding and secure financial objectives has never been easier, thanks to the power of franchising. Popular pavement maintenance franchises, in particular, offer a smart capital investment with immediate returns. So, what are the frequently asked questions regarding such franchises?

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is the go-to destination for entrepreneurs across the world to brave new business ventures in franchising. IFPG’s vast array of franchisors, consultants and other members provide comprehensive information on the wide range of franchises available and the state of the existing ones in the market. With this in mind, our article here comprehensively addresses the queries you should seek answers to before investing in the pavement maintenance industry.

What Is the Current Trend in Pavement Maintenance?

Pavement maintenance is one of the hottest industries in the US right now. The industrial park culture backed by an exponential growth in the private-owned housing sector has seen a tremendous surge in the demand for driveway cleaning, tar sealing, sealing coating, pothole repairs, and other pavement maintenance services. Focusing on anything from individual homes to commercial properties, from small businesses to multi-location corporations, this franchise opportunity is the perfect option to jump right into the lucrative paved maintenance market.

What Are the Necessary Permits and Licenses?

This will depend from state-to-state, and in some cases, even district-to-district. The most typical permits and licenses you will need in order to begin operations as a pavement maintenance franchise will be related to transportation, occupational safety and health, electricity, and local zoning. Itemizing these requirements at the local and state levels with the help of your franchise consultant will ensure a hassle-free process when getting started.

How Much Capital is Required to Start a Franchise?

The initial investment for pavement maintenance franchises is relatively low, for instance ranging from just a few thousand dollars as a micro-franchise to several hundred thousand dollars for large maco-franchises. Other costs to consider include any equipment fees, franchise fees, inventory, materials, insurance, and marketing to name a few. Again, a consultation with a franchise broker will help you project the eventual start-up costs, as well as factor in any unforeseen costs.

What are the Requirements to Own a Franchise?

Though the requirements may differ from franchise-to-franchise, generally one should have an entrepreneurial background and some experience in business, customer service and/or sales as well as a willingness to work hard. Most franchisors will require a period of training in the company’s specific operational processes to ensure that franchise owners can efficiently align their business strategies with those of the franchise.

What Are the Ongoing Fees?

Ongoing fees are generally in the form of royalty payments. These payments are a percentage of your net income to the franchisor. Most franchisors will also offer annual or bi-annual training, promotional materials, seminars and webinars and use of their trademarks for a fee. These fees are generally very reasonable and are made in order to ensure a consistent growth and performance in the franchise’s operations.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Franchise?

The pavement maintenance franchise provides innumerable benefits to aspiring entrepreneurs. One primary benefit of owning a franchise is the fact that the franchisor already has the marketing infrastructure in place as well as an informed customer base. This can save you both time and money from having to market the franchise from scratch. Moreover, franchisors generally have extensive knowledge and experience in the business industry, giving you a steady foot in the market. Finally, the franchise model provides you with a guaranteed source of revenue once the business is established.

Last reflections

Investing in a pavement maintenance franchise can be quite an exciting endeavor. It requires proper knowledge and insights of your local laws and regulations, payment structure and industry trends. Consult with the experts at IFPG and you can set off on experience an optimal life balance by unlocking the power of franchise ownership.


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