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Finding the Best Franchises for 2023

It can be a daunting process for anyone looking to invest in a franchise in 2023 — a year of immense disruption and market shifts. Retired from a successful career, you’re looking to stay active and engaged in a business, while ensuring you’re making the right decision for your future and financial security. As an experienced investor, you need to understand your franchise options and weigh the risks and rewards for each. That’s why the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) created this FAQ guide. Here, we’ll answer your most pressing questions about evaluating best franchises, from discovering and researching options to purchasing, developing and running a successful business.

1. What Are the Critical Steps to Finding the Right Franchise for Me?

Finding the right franchise is a big decision that requires quite a bit of research, planning, and lifestyle considerations. The most important first steps are to understand your personal goals, determine your budget, and identify potential industries that match your experience and background. Once you’ve narrowed down the options, it’s time to deeper research and crunching the numbers. It’s important to look at the unit economics of each franchise, looking at the total investment, location requirements, and potential margins. Lastly, it’s key to assess the franchisor’s capabilities in terms of training and support that’s necessary for long-term success.

2. What Should I Look for When Evaluating Potential Franchises?

When evaluating potential franchises, there are several key factors to look into. Firstly, research the overall industry and assess whether it’s growing or declining. It’s important to understand the competitive landscape and how your franchise will differentiate. Secondly, review the franchisor’s performance and financial strength. Consider the track record of stores they opened and the effectiveness of their support and marketing efforts. Additionally, ask to speak to current and past franchisees to understand the implementation, operational, and marketing nuances. Once you’ve done all of this, consider how the franchise fits with your lifestyle and goals.

3. What are the Legal Issues I Need to Be Aware of When Investing in a Franchise?

When deciding to invest in a franchise, there are several legal factors that must be considered. First, review the Franchise Disclosure Document to understand the terms of the franchise agreements, including fees and renewal terms. Additionally, understanding the state and local regulations, such as business and zoning restrictions, is critical. Be sure to seek legal counsel to review any contracts or agreements before signing. Lastly, be sure to understand who you will be interacting with, including key contacts, vendors, suppliers and buyers.

4. How Do I Choose a Location for My Franchise?

Choosing the right location for your franchise is a critical decision. Start by researching the local demographics, such as income levels, population, size and competition. Depending on the type of franchise, the launching of your business may require certain permits or approvals, so understanding local requirements is key. Convenience is also important for overall customer experience and success —, consider whether that potential location is easily accessible and highly visible for customers. Lastly, assess how easy it is to operate and manage the day-to-day — measure the traffic flow in the area and assess the operating costs.

5. What are the Financing Options Available to me?

Once you’ve identified the franchise to invest in and settled on a location, the next step is to determine how to fund it. Depending on the franchisor and the size of the investment, financing may be available from the franchisor, banks, or other financial investments. Be sure to understand all of the options available to you to ensure you get the best loan terms possible. Be wary of any franchise mechanics that may not allow you to finance your purchase — find out in advance if your franchisor only allows cash investments.


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