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Popular Franchises for Pavement Maintenance

For those aiming to make a significant career shift and break into the growing world of franchising, pavement maintenance is a popular option. With a personalized approach to maintenance and repair, pavement maintenance franchises offer an array of opportunities beyond traditional corporate roles. A franchise allows entrepreneurs and career changers the potential of owning their own business with the expertise of the franchisor’s legacy, a powerful combination for capable business owners.

Navigating the complex process of transitioning to franchise ownership without the guidance of a professional can be intimidating and overwhelming. To help simplify the process and demystify the often confusing terminology associated with paving maintenance franchises, the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) has compiled this FAQ.

What are the different types of paving maintenance franchises?

Paving maintenance franchises are available in a broad range of options that provide comprehensive service from asphalt repair to asphalt resurfacing. A franchisor’s expertise can help a career changer transition into one of the following franchise models that best meet their needs.

Seal coating businesses, commonly known as “chip seal coating” franchises, provide foundation repair and maintenance services like sealing cracks, patching holes, and providing skid-resistant surfaces. These seal coating franchises are primarily responsible for boosting the longevity of surfaces and preventing further damage.

Asphalt repair franchises offer an array of repairs including patchwork, crack filling, and pothole repairs. For larger maintenance jobs, asphalt resurfacing is an option to repair larger sections of pavement with regular asphalt or asphalt overlays. Newer asphalt installations require more specialized equipment and crew members, which is why it’s important to invest in a franchise that can adequately support and train a franchisee on all specialties.

What is the cost of starting a paving maintenance franchise?

The cost of starting a paving maintenance franchise depends on a range of factors, like size of the area that needs to be serviced and the franchisor’s investment requirements. Most franchises offer a variety of fee structures including the initial investment, royalty fees, and a weekly or monthly fee.

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that is supplied to prospective franchisees should provide insight into the different fee structures and the cost of investments. Consulting with a franchise specialist is an important step in understanding the true cost of owning a paving maintenance franchise.

What experience should I have when starting a paving maintenance franchise?

Franchise ownership often requires a range of management and business skills. Gaining some level of appraisal is sometimes necessary, like OSHA approved training in property maintenance, though many franchisors provide a comprehensive training program, so a background in the industry is not essential.

Most importantly, an aptitude for business, financial savvy, and people skills are necessary to spearhead a paving franchise. Aspiring entrepreneurs should consider their personal skills to make sure they are a good fit and research the franchisor thoroughly to ensure their franchise meets all expectations.

What is the profit potential for a paving maintenance franchise?

The profit potential of a paving maintenance franchise varies depending on a number of factors, such as the success of marketing tactics, effectiveness of your maintenance crew, and pricing strategies. On average, paving franchise owners generate revenue from services rendered to customers and from supplies that must be purchased and re-sold.

To maximize their profit potential, owners should work to develop marketing strategies that bring in buy-in from potential customers by optimizing their brand reputation, understanding local nuances, and engaging the community with promotional campaigns and efforts.

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