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Franchising can be a popular option to starting a business; however, there are dozens of questions potential franchise owners must consider before taking the leap. If you’re interested in entering the pavement maintenance industry, you’ll need to ask yourself numerous questions about the franchise you’re considering and how it contributes to your life-goals. For time-conscious, family-oriented business owners, there are unique, yet essential, frequently-asked questions that warrant extra attention.

The pavement maintenance business is an attractive option for many due to its mild seasonal and market fluctuations. Reputable pavement maintenance franchise owners can earn sustainable income with fewer hours and enjoy a greater degree of work-life balance. However, there are many questions to consider before you commit to a specific opportunity. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) has developed a comprehensive list of questions to ask during the research process.

Questions to Ask yourself:

Are you comfortable with the franchise’s requirements and regulations?

A reputable franchise system will require and enforce standards and regulations that contribute to a positive reputation. While the franchise’s compliance approach may help you establish yourself in the industry, you also want to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your life-goals. Make sure you review and understand the franchise system’s expectations, training requirements, and corporate support structure. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with the restrictions and will be able to excel in the franchise system.

Are you comfortable with the initial and ongoing investment?

Franchise owners typically need to invest in multiple costs when opening a franchise. These include an initial franchise fee, equipment costs, inventory, training, etc. Once the business is operational, there may be additional expenses such as advertising, licensing, and ongoing fees to the franchisor. Franchise expenses are necessary to operate and build a successful business. However, smart entrepreneurs must consider whether they can comfortably manage the necessary budget.

Does the business model fit with your lifestyle?

An attractive franchise opportunity should not only offer a great return, but it should also fit with your lifestyle. For time-conscious, family-focused investors, a franchise opportunity that offers flexibility and supports their immediate and long-term goals is an ideal option. Ensure that the franchise opportunity provides the support and guidance you need to meet your goals while also allowing you the autonomy and flexibility you desire.

Are there any existing customer bases for the franchise?

An existing customer base is a great advantage for any business, and a franchise should offer training and guidance to help you capitalize on this opportunity. Ask yourself if the franchise offers any resources to help you establish a client base. Understand the marketing and sales plans that have worked for current franchise owners, and ask yourself if these approaches fit your personal preferences.

How has the franchise performed in the past?

Try to gain a clear understanding of the franchise’s performance in the past. Inquire about the success rate of franchise owners who have followed the same franchise model and ask yourself if this performance is acceptable to you. Conduct additional research on customer reviews, franchise industry awards, and franchise media coverage.


A sound business decision requires extensive research and adequate preparation. Before investing in any franchise opportunity, ask yourself questions that are specifically related to your lifestyle or situation. Depending on your needs and preferences, some franchises may be better-suited than others.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Weigh the pros and cons and ensure that the franchise system meets your lifestyle and long-term goals.


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