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Are you looking for the perfect business opportunity and considering a franchise purchase? Have you heard about the benefits of working with an International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) member? With expertise in franchising, IFPG members are one of the nation’s leading providers of franchise consulting services and are committed to helping aspiring entrepreneurs find success. So, what are the benefits of seeking the counsel of an IFPG member, and why should you consider IFPG when researching franchises for sale?

Understanding What IFPG Does

Before exploring the benefits of working with an IFPG member, it’s helpful to understand the history and purpose of the organization. As mentioned above, IFPG was founded to provide individuals and businesses with the resources needed to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a franchise. Through an extensive network of more than 1,300 members, IFPG’s mission is to ensure its members are supported with guidance, knowledge, and resources. This helps ensure that franchise opportunities are presented in a transparent and objective manner.

Advantages of Working With an IFPG Member

Searching for a business opportunity can be overwhelming. With more than 3,000 franchise systems to choose from, it’s important to work with someone who understands the complexities of franchise investments and has the qualifications and experience to help you make the right decision. IFPG offers many advantages:

Trustworthy Advice: Franchise brokers in the IFPG understand the concept of franchise prospects as an investment, and they are trained to help franchisees make the best choice for their needs and goals. They are committed to the concept of integrity, using ethical and honest practices to helping clients find the right franchise.

Expansive Knowledge & Experience: IFPG members not only understand the importance of making informed decisions: they have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure the best options are presented to clients. Knowledge of the complex nuances of franchising, economics, law, and finance are key components of their expertise and oftentimes exceed that of the franchisor.

Superior Services: IFPG members have access to the organization’s various services that are designed to help potential franchisees assess their goals and capabilities and then ultimately make their decision. Members can make use of the Franchisee & Franchisor Business Plan Evaluator, Franchisee Candidate Assessment System, Financial Analytics and Forecasting Software, and consulting services to guide them through the process.

The IFPG Difference

At IFPG, we take pride in providing our members with the best training and resources to enable them to assist aspiring business owners in becoming successful franchisees. Our full-time staff is dedicated to providing quality customer service, educational resources, and innovative programs to help our members remain competitive in the marketplace. The IFPG community is truly collaborative and has a family-like feel, and we strive to maintain this approach.


Franchises come in many shapes and sizes, making it difficult to know which path to choose. Working with a professional Franchise Broker Group such as the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) provides entrepreneurs with access to trusted advisors who will help them identify, purchase, and finance the right franchise. IFPG’s rigorous training meant to keep members informed about best practices, cutting-edge technology, and the latest developments in the realm of franchising sets us apart from other organizations. To learn more about the benefits of working with an IFPG membership-based franchise consulting network, get in touch with us today.



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