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Franchising for Business Owners Seeking Time with Family

Aspiring business owners everywhere are looking for a flexible, life-changing path to begin their own businesses while maintaining ample time with family. Franchising is a great way to invest in an established business model and have the option to take a step back from work for quality time. But taking the plunge into a new venture at times can be daunting. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is a membership-based franchise consulting network that provides aspiring business owners guidance through the process of researching, choosing, and investing in a franchise. To help with the process, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about franchising.

What is Franchising?

Franchising is a method of business growth in which the franchisor grants a license to the franchisee, enabling them to use the franchisor’s brand, trademarks, and business models. It is an effective way for investors to gain entry into the business world by being able to utilize already established infrastructure and resources as a franchisor. The franchisee pays an initial payment for the rights to the brand, a percentage of their sales and ongoing fees, as well as royalties in order to use the franchisor’s business model.

What to Consider When Choosing a Franchise?

When choosing a franchise, it is important to assess the opportunities and research their industry. As much as the opportunities and potential rewards excite an investor, choosing the right franchise and the right industry is critical to ensure one’s success. Investors should due diligence on the franchise, the industry, and the features of the franchisor that make it stand out. When doing their research, there are a few particular queries that investors should focus on, such as:

What is the total cost of the franchise?

It is important to understand exactly how much money the investor must expend to own or expand a franchise. This includes the franchisor’s one-time fee, along with royalties, training costs, and other associated costs. It is important to ask questions about all the fees involved starting and operating the franchise.

How much competition exists in the franchise’s industry?

It is crucial to understand the competition from other brands. This way, an investor can comprehend what strategies they must use to stand out from competitors.

What is the franchisor’s track record?

When researching a chosen franchise, it is vital to understand the history and success rates of the brand. This is important to assess if the franchisor has a history of success, promoting positive public image, and if they adhere to their industry’s standards.

Are Franchises a Good Investment?

Franchising has helped many budding entrepreneurs reach financial success while simultaneously creating a life-work balance that allows time for family and leisure. Investors have the benefit of owning a business backed with a solid brand and trusted franchise systems. As long as the chosen franchise has an established system to work with, it can serve as a beneficial investment.

What to Do Before Purchasing a Franchise?

The most important step before purchasing a franchise is to come to a sound financial decision, one that will provide the right support to start a business without putting a strain on the family’s resources. Investors must also conduct a great deal of research to understand the franchisor’s market share and the growth prospects of the industry. It is also important to look at the franchisor’s value proposition and past success rate.

Finding the Right Support

IFPG provides a robust community within the franchising industry and sound advice to aim towards success opportunities. Through our membership-based network of entrepreneurs, investors, vendors, and franchise brokers, we offer assistance on all aspects of launching a business, from the initial research to building and sustaining the business.

Closing considerations

Franchising is an established and successful way of starting a business and propelling one’s personal growth. Through the right research, proper financial decision, and an effective business strategy informed by the right consultation, one can build and sustain a successful franchising business.





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