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Popular Residential Moving Franchises

When a person is considering investing in a franchise business, there are many questions they should ask to ensure they make the right decision that’s in line with their goals. In the specific case of residential moving franchises, some of those questions include how long the franchise has been in business, what is the franchisor’s experience in the industry, what kind of support can be expected after the purchase, and how much help can be obtained in setting up the business.

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) provides investors access to the best franchisors in the business. But before taking on the investment, there are some popular questions investors should consider when selecting a residential moving franchise business. Here are some of the most common questions and answers investors should consider.

What Are the Different Options for Residential Moving Franchises?

The most popular residential moving franchises are those that specialize in long-distance and local moves. Long-distance franchises are great for people looking to move to other cities, while local moving businesses focus on customers who are relocating to another part of town. Some franchises also offer storage solutions for those who need storage space while they look for their new home.

How Do I Find the Right Residential Moving Franchise for Me?

The best way to find a residential moving franchise is to work with an IFPG consulting network. By leveraging the experience and knowledge of our franchisors, our consultants can provide investors with the information they need to make an informed decision. This includes information on the franchisor’s experience, how long the franchise has been in business, and what type of support will be provided after the purchase.

What Kind of Support Can I Expect From My Residential Moving Franchise?

The support a franchise offers can vary significantly but the most successful franchises offer support in the form of operations assistance, marketing support, and training. Operations assistance helps franchisees ensure their local moving business runs smoothly day-to-day. Marketing support assists staff in understanding how to better target potential customers and build their brand. Training can come in the form of in-person or online tutorials and videos that will help business owners both understand and conform to local and federal regulations that apply to them.

How Much Help Can I Get in Setting Up My Residential Moving Franchise?

Franchisors typically offer a variety of ways to help investors get their residential moving business up and running. These can range from financial help to onboarding and training to marketing assistance. Some franchisors even provide investors with access to their network of vendors and suppliers—allowing them to secure the best deals on everything from wrapping paper to transport vehicles.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Residential Moving Franchise?

Investing in a residential moving franchise is a great way for investors to start and manage their own business while relying on the trusted support of an experienced franchisor. Franchisees who work with IFPG franchise broker group members have access to a network of experienced franchise professionals and vendors—helping them find the best franchise for their unique situation. Furthermore, many residential moving franchises offer investors additional support which can help them run their business more efficiently and increase their profits.

What Should I Consider Before Committing to a Residential Moving Franchise?

When considering a residential moving franchise, potential investors should evaluate the cost and value of a franchise to ensure they’ll be able to make a return on their investment. Investors should also understand the level of support and resources they can expect from the franchisor. Additionally, potential franchisees should research the local market to see if there is a demand for residential moving services in their area.

Investing in a residential moving franchise can be a great way for aspiring business owners to spend more time with their family while running a successful business. Research is key, and investors should carefully consider all of their options before they sign any agreements. By working closely with a knowledgeable franchise broker from the IFPG network, investors can make sure they find and invest in the right franchise for their needs and goals.


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