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Starting a Subway franchise is a complex process that requires careful consideration. As part of the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) and the world’s largest franchised sandwich chain, the Subway brand has a long and storied history of success. However, potential franchisees have a lot of questions about the Subway franchise business and its specific requirements. In order to help potential Subway franchisees understand the franchise process better, we have compiled a list of commomly asked questions.

What is a Subway Franchise?

A Subway franchise is an opportunity to become part of the world’s largest franchised sandwich chain. As a Subway franchisee, you would be responsible for operating one or more Subway restaurants and managing the day-to-day operations of that restaurant. As part of the Subway brand, you would have access to the Subway brand’s famous marketing campaigns, exclusive products, and proven systems for running a successful franchise.

What is the Subway Franchise Process?

The first step in becoming a Subway franchisee is to submit an application. All applicants must meet Subway’s minimum qualifications, which include having a good credit score and sufficient cash and liquid assets. Once an application is approved, you will be invited to participate in a training program at the Subway Corporate Training Center in Milford, Connecticut. The training program will prepare prospective franchisees in the fundamentals of restaurant operations, marketing, and business management. Once training is completed, you will be eligible to open your Subway franchise.

How Much Does a Subway Franchise Cost?

The cost of a Subway franchise varies depending on the size and location of the franchise. Generally, the costs associated with starting a new Subway franchise include a franchise fee of up to $25,000, the cost of purchasing and equipping a restaurant location, ongoing training fees, and advertising costs. Subway also charges continuing fees to franchisees, such as monthly royalties, advertising fees, and supplies fees.

What are the Benefits of Franchising with Subway?

One of the biggest advantages of joining the Subway franchise family is the power of the Subway brand. Subway’s recognizable name and reputation makes it easier to attract customers and build a loyal following. Subway also provides extensive training and support to franchisees, making it easier for even novice business owners to be successful. Furthermore, Subway’s nationwide advertising campaigns are proven to bring in more customers to franchise locations.

What Kind of Support Does Subway Offer Franchises?

Subway franchisees have access to a wide range of support services, including ongoing training, marketing resources, operational assistance, guidance from field consultants, and a state-of-the-art POS system. In addition, Subway’s experienced franchisee teams are available to provide support to new franchisees at any stage of their business.

What Does Subway Look for in a Franchise Candidate?

To become a successful Subway franchisee, applicants must have a desire to succeed and be passionate and committed to the Subway brand. Subway values entrepreneurship, leadership, and the ability to build strong relationships with customers and employees. Finally, Subway looks for candidates with excellent problem-solving and customer service skills, as well as the financial resources to open and operate a restaurant location.

Prospective franchisees looking to join the Subway family should take the time to research the process and adapt their goals to the franchise’s unique requirements. By building a strong business plan, prospective franchisees can be better prepared to take advantage of all the benefits that a Subway franchise has to offer.


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