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With the increasing number of aspiring entrepreneurs looking to invest in the franchise industry, the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is helping them navigate through the process. As a leading franchise professional network, we bring an extensive guide to equip you with all the necessary information to select a franchising opportunity that aligns with your personal and business goals.

In this article, we look at frequently asked questions (FAQs) on franchising and their answers to help investors understand what to look out for and how to determine the right business model and franchisor to work with.

Questions about Franchising

When it comes to franchise businesses, it’s important to understand the different types of franchise models, franchising fees, due diligence, contracts, rules and regulations involved and other important aspects. Following are some FAQs which will give you a comprehensive understanding of the franchising process.

What is a Franchise?

A franchise is an agreement between a franchisor who offers a certain product or service and a franchisee who buys the right to run the business according to pre-determined rules. A franchisor provides the brand name, products, training, services, and marketing and the franchisee pays an initial cost and a percentage of their future revenues to the franchisor for the use of all these items.

What types of Franchises are available?

There are three primary types of franchise businesses:

• Business Format Franchises: Here, the franchisor unites the trademark or their brand name, business operations, marketing, and business model formulas.

• Product Distribution Franchises: Here, the franchisores have an interest in the sale of a particular product or services.

• Manufacturing Franchises: Here, the franchisor develops and/or manufactures products and provides franchisees with support in sales and marketing, training, and research & development.

How much does a Franchise Cost?

The initial cost for each franchise varies significantly. Factors that can affect the cost include the size of the franchise and the type of franchise, any additional startup costs or equipment and operations overhead, plus additional royalties and marketing fees. However, some franchisors offer payments plans which spread out the cost to make it more manageable.

What’s involved with Due Diligence?

Due diligence is a process of reviewing a franchise’s documents and resources to verify its claims and ensure that it carries out its functions in accordance with the franchise agreement. It involves verifying legal documents, sales data, customer reviews, and other sources of business information.

How should I choose a Franchise?

Choosing the right franchise opportunity can be a lengthy and complicated process. It requires thorough research into legal, financial, and operational aspects, including understanding the agreement and any future obligations. Having a good rapport with the franchisor is also critical in the selection process. Before making any commitments, make sure to have an honest discussion with them, get their perspectives, and research their history in order to make an informed decision.

What is included in the Franchise Agreement?

The details of a franchise agreement vary based on the type of business and franchisor. Generally, it includes rules and regulations to be followed, information about franchisor’s support processes, long-term objectives, and any other commitments from both franchisor and franchisee. The agreement must clearly outline all terms and conditions in order for the franchise relationship to be legally binding.

Do I need to pay ongoing fees to the Franchisor?

Yes, franchisees are generally required to pay ongoing fees to their franchisor, such as royalties, marketing fees, and other costs. These costs are typically outlined in the franchise agreement and can vary depending on the franchise system and performance of the franchisee.

The core message

IFPG is here to help guide prospective franchise owners through the selection process and provide business advice on the best franchise business opportunities. Our mission is to help you become an entrepreneur and achieve success as an investor. To learn more about franchising, contact us today.



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