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FAQs (FAQs) on Popular Background Screening Franchises

When it comes to corporate layoffs, due diligence in the form of background screening is essential for two reasons. Firstly, to avoid hiring individuals with dubious backgrounds, and secondly, if a company is obliged to downsize, to ensure that those laid off do not bear any grudges against the company. For such services, franchising out to a specialist is a popular option.

In this article, the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) – a membership-based franchise consulting network – will look at some of the frequently asked questions about popular background screening franchises, as well as provide additional information to help you make an informed decision when hiring a franchise for your corporate background screening needs.

What is a Background Screening Franchise?

A background screening franchise is an organization that provides businesses with services related to background checks for prospective employees. Those checking a given individual’s background – or “background checkers” – are most commonly private investigators, law enforcement officials or companies that specialize in providing such services.

Background screening franchises typically offer services in the area of verifying criminal backgrounds, employment histories, references, identity verification and educational qualifications. These companies are usually independent providers and not affiliated with any particular employer.

Why Hire a Background Screening Franchise?

Hiring a background screening franchise is a wise move, especially for larger companies, because it allows for a more thorough and comprehensive background check on potential employees. The expertise offered by a background screening franchise can also save a company time and money when conducting a background check.

For starters, a background screening franchise can provide access to a variety of databases, government records and public data that are not typically available to the general public. This means that a franchise’s background check report can provide much more reliable and comprehensive information than those available from other sources.

Another benefit of hiring a background screening franchise is that they often have access to restricted databases that contain data from countries and regions outside the United States, which may not be obtainable from any other source. This can be particularly useful if a company is trying to conduct background checks on people with foreign connections.

Finally, a background screening franchise is not limited by geographical boundaries, meaning the company can conduct a background check on potential candidates located anywhere in the world.

What Types of Background Screening Services Do Franchises Provide?

There are a variety of background screening services offered by franchises. Here are some of the most common services:

• Identity Verification: This involves verifying the identity of an individual through a variety of methods, such as checking government-issued identification, driver’s license, passport, Social Security number or other documents.

• Criminal Background Check: This process involves combing through records to uncover any criminal history, including arrests, criminal convictions, pending charges, prosecutors’ notes and any other relevant court records.

• Employer Background Check: This process involves verifying a candidate’s past and present employment histories, references, job performance, compensation details and any other relevant information provided by employers.

• Education Verification: This process involves verifying a candidate’s educational qualifications and verifying the schools that issued the qualifications.

• Drug Screening: Some franchises offer pre-employment drug screening to identify if a candidate has used illegal drugs in the recent past.

• Credit Check: Many franchises offer credit checks as part of a background screening report. This helps employers get an idea of how financially responsible a potential employee is.

What Other Services Do Background Screening Franchises Provide?

Background screening franchises may also offer other services such as:

• Verification of Professional License: Some franchises can help employers verify a candidate’s professional licenses, such as medical or law licenses, to ensure they are valid and up-to-date.

• Employment Verification: Some background screening franchises offer employment verification services to help employers get more accurate information about potential candidates.

• Social Media Searches: This involves conducting a search of a candidate’s social media accounts to uncover any posts, pictures or comments that could potentially reflect negatively on the person.

• Bankruptcy Searches: Some franchises provide bankruptcy searches to look for any bankruptcies a candidate may have not disclosed.

How Can Employers Benefit from Hiring a Background Screening Franchise?

Not only can hiring a background screening franchise provide employers with access to comprehensive background check reports, but it can also benefit employers in a number of other ways.

Firstly, background screening franchises provide businesses with the protection of knowing they are taking all necessary steps to ensure they are hiring qualified, trustworthy individuals.

Secondly, employers can reduce their risk of fraudulent claims from existing or prospective employees by verifying the information provided.

Thirdly, employers can be sure that they are not inadvertently violating any laws or regulations by obtaining incomplete or out-dated background reports.

And finally, background screening reports from a franchise often result in greater legal protection for employers since they provide information that is more reliable than what could be obtained elsewhere.

What Are the Costs Associated with Hiring a Background Screening Franchise?

The cost of hiring a background screening franchise is typically based on the services needed and the size of the business. Generally, the cost of a background screening package can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousands depending on the scope of the request. Franchises typically provide customers with an itemized cost sheet so you can make an informed purchase decision.

What Should You Look for in a Background Screening Franchise?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a background screening franchise, but here are some of the most important:

• Ensure the background screening franchise is compliant with industry laws and regulations.

• Check to see if they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

• Find out whether the franchise provides a comprehensive background check report.

• Ask the franchise to provide references from past customers.

• Ask if they offer any discounts or special offers.

• Ask about turnaround time and any additional fees that may be associated with late requests.

• Ensure the franchise is willing to answer any questions you may have.

Wrapping up

Background screening franchises provide businesses with a valuable service to help them make informed hiring decisions. Before selecting a franchise for your background screening needs, it’s important to be informed and ask the right questions. The International Franchise Professionals Group can help aspiring business owners make an informed decision on which background screening franchise will best suit their needs.


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