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FAQs (FAQs) on Subway Franchise

Subway is the world’s most beloved restaurant chain, with over 30,000 locations in 86 different countries. With such an expansive network of locations, it’s no wonder why so many individuals are eager to invest in a Subway franchise of their own.

For those who are considering taking the plunge to become a Subway franchisee, here are some of the commonly asked questions.

How Much Does it Cost to Invest in a Subway Franchise?

The cost to own and open a Subway franchise varies widely, depending on the location, size, layout and security features. However, the average initial investment for a Subway franchise is around $115,000 – $155,000. This covers the franchise fee, the cost of the restaurant equipment and fixtures, rent or lease payments, inventory and start-up costs.

What Support Can I Expect From Subway?

Subway provides a range of support services to their franchisees, including access to extensive IT systems, marketing materials and corporate tie-ins. Franchisees also benefit from local support, as each area of the country has its own regionally based support personnel available to step in whenever needed.

Subway also provides each franchisee with ongoing training and advice, and even offers to cover a portion of the employee training costs in the early months of the restaurant’s operation.

Is Investing in a Subway Franchise Worth it?

Yes, investing in a Subway franchise can be a rewarding and lucrative venture. As an authorize franchisee of Subway, you can tap into the brand’s popularity and recognition, in addition to the comprehensive support services they offer. Subway franchisees also benefit from solid return on investment (ROI) rates, often times earning back their total initial investment costs in 3-5 years.

What are the Benefits of Investing in a Subway Franchise?

Subway franchises offer many advantages for its franchisees, including the ability to tap into the established customer base, access to the latest point-of-sale technology, and a comprehensive training and support system. Franchisees also benefit from the opportunity to be their own boss and be financially independent, and the chance to become part of a large network of franchisees who can help share ideas and tips for success.

What are the Downsides of Investing in a Subway Franchise?

As with any business venture, there are some inherent risks with investing in a Subway franchise. Franchisees are responsible for following all local, state and federal regulations, and must maintain a commitment to the brand standards set forth by Subway corporate. Additionally, franchisees need to have the necessary financial resources to cover the initial franchise fee, as well as the continuous costs associated with running a business.

Overall, investing in a Subway franchise can be an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to pursue a rewarding business venture. With the right financial resources, commitment and dedication, franchisees can join the ranks of entrepreneurs in the Subway family and reap the rewards.


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