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FAQs for Investing in a Franchise

When couples decide to venture into a franchise investment, they often have many questions about the process. The most typical questions span a range of topics including franchise selection, legal requirements, and the overall investment itself. Investing in a franchise can offer couples flexibility, time freedom, and financial rewards when handled correctly. In order to assist couples considering a franchise ownership opportunity, the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) has compiled frequently asked questions that provide insight and advice on owning a franchise.

What Is Involved in Selecting a Franchise?

The selection of a franchise is one of the most important decisions that couples must make prior to investing in one. The selection of a franchise should include understanding franchise models, conducting market analysis, evaluating financial requirements, and thoroughly reviewing the due diligence materials provided by the franchisor.

Research is key to the franchise selection process, and couples should explore the current marketplace, the competency of the franchise system, and the legacy of the franchisor. Couples should also understand the legal, tax, and financial requirements of owning a particular franchise, to ensure that investment criteria are met and expectations exceeded.

What Are the Legal Requirements for Owning a Franchise?

Owning a franchise requires couples to enter into a legally binding agreement with the franchisor. The legal requirements of owning a franchise involve submitting copies of valid identification, signing the franchise agreements, and completing documentation required by the franchisor. Couples should also obtain input from advisers such as attorneys and accountants to ensure the legal documents are in compliance with applicable laws.

What Are the Financial Requirements?

Before couples invest in a franchise, they should calculate the affect on their personal finances and determine whether they possess the financial strength to own a franchise. The franchises usually include different expenses such as franchise fees, start-up costs, operating expenses, and required investments. Therefore, couples must assess current finances, obtain financing if needed, and determine whether additional capital is needed, depending on the franchise and capital arrangement.

What Type of Support Is Provided for Franchise Owners?

Franchise owners typically receive support from the franchisor in the form of franchise manuals, operational guidance, and training. Franchisors often provide assistance in setting up the franchise, recruiting staff and sourcing suppliers. Additionally, the franchisor could offer operational help, marketing advice, and support to franchisees in increasing sales, managing day-to-day operations, resolving customer complaints, and addressing other issues.

What Is the Cost of Ownership?

The cost of ownership varies significantly depending on the franchise model and type. Common costs include the franchise fee, initial and ongoing capital requirements, salaries, and operating expenses. The franchisor should provide an overview of all franchise and ownership costs, including estimated figures for advertising and website maintenance.

Investing in a franchise provides couples with the opportunity to access an established enterprise with potential for growth and resilience to economic hardship. Couples interested in franchise ownership should review all aspects involved in selection, document requirements, and investment financials to ensure a well-researched, successful investment.




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