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FAQs for Potential Franchise Cleaning Company Owners

Are you considering investing in a franchise cleaning company, but don’t know where to start? If you’re among the many dissatisfied current workers looking to make a major career change, you’ve come to the right place. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), a membership-based franchise consulting network, can help.

This article outlines the many questions a potential franchisee should ask before investing in a franchise cleaning company. With the help of our experienced franchise consultants and our network of more than 1,300 franchisors and vendor members, both the aspiring franchisee and existing business owner can develop a sound plan to assess and invest in the right franchise opportunity.

What Is a Franchise Cleaning Company?

A franchise cleaning company is a business that provides janitorial, cleaning, and related services with the objective of growing both the reputation and revenue of its franchisees. Franchise cleaning companies are typically small and mid-sized businesses that are part of a larger, nationally recognizable cleaning franchise that provides support services, such as branding, marketing, training, purchasing power, coaching programs, and operational processes.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Franchise Cleaning Company?

Investing in a franchise cleaning company can provide both aspiring and existing business owners with tangible benefits such as:

• Established Brand and Quality Reputation: Cleaning franchises are built on the reputation of providing consistent quality traditional cleaning services.

• Streamlined Operations: All cleaning franchises provide owners with proven operational processes that streamline the cleaning process and reduce labor costs.

• Support Services: Franchisors provide their franchisees with a variety of support services, such as marketing, technology, purchasing, and consulting.

• Growth Opportunities: Franchisors provide their franchisees with several growth opportunities, including the ability to open additional locations and/or expand geographic reach.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Investing in a Franchise Cleaning Company?

Prior to investing in a franchise cleaning company, there are several factors, both business and personal, that should be taken into account. Business factors include:

• Financing: Many franchisors require an upfront franchise fee that can range from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. Potential franchisees should research available financing options, such as SBA-approved small business loans, and determine how much capital may be needed.

• Location Considerations: Consider the local market and competitive landscape. It’s also important to evaluate the target customer base and demographics, as well as the availability of suppliers and services.

• Licensing and Permits: In addition to required business licenses, there may be local, state, or federal regulations that may apply to a cleaning franchise. It’s essential to research and understand applicable laws, regulations, and permitting requirements.

Personal factors to consider include:

• Commitment: Owning a franchise cleaning company is a major commitment that will often require the investor to dedicate their time and energy to operating and managing the franchise.

• Management Experience: You don’t necessarily need to have professional management experience if you plan to obtain the necessary support services, however, potential franchisees must be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business operations.

• Involvement: Franchisees must also consider their desired level of involvement—would you like to be hands-on and directly involved in daily operations, or serve mainly in a supervisory capacity?

Ultimately, success in franchise investment comes down to finding the right fit in terms of investment goals and responsibilities, as well as having the necessary resources to launch and operate the business.

What Resources Are Available to Franchise Cleaning Company Owners?

The IFPG is a great resource for potential and existing franchisees. Our network members, including franchisors, franchise consultants, and vendor members, provide guidance throughout the entire franchise discovery process. We offer several resources to help investors determine if a franchise is right for them, such as:

• Franchise Opportunity Evaluation: Our franchise brokers provide aspiring and existing business owners with an in-depth evaluation to identify the right franchise opportunity.

• Franchise Discovery Platform: Our comprehensive platform offers access to hundreds of franchisors, consultants, and vendors, along with content to help investors better understand the franchise industry.

• Franchise Support Services: We provide our members with a full range of support services, including business planning, legal advice, cyber security, and operational consulting.

• Vendor Programs: We offer preferred vendor programs to qualified companies to help our members save time and money.

The IFPG provides a wealth of resources to help franchisees achieve their goals and build successful businesses.

Do I Need Any Special Certification or Training to Buy a Franchise Cleaning Company?

While franchisees are not required to undergo any special training, it is strongly encouraged that aspiring franchise owners gain a basic understanding of the franchise industry before investing. The IFPG offers several franchise certification courses and webinars to help educate franchisees about investing in a franchise business. Additionally, franchisors should provide franchisees with comprehensive training and support programs to ensure success.

Are There Any Additional Resources I Should Utilize?

Franchise management software can be a great tool for franchisee training, marketing, and sales. Additionally, franchisees should establish strong relationships with local vendors and suppliers in order to capitalize on cost savings and convenience. The IFPG network provides ready access to some of the best suppliers and industry professionals, all in one place.

No matter what stage of the franchise journey you’re in, the IFPG is here to provide you with the support and resources to ensure a successful franchise venture. Our mission is to help both aspiring and existing business owners make more informed decisions to help them build successful and prosperous businesses.


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