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FAQs for Potential Franchise Owners

Finding the right business opportunity is often a daunting task for curious entrepreneurs. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) helps investors understand the world of franchising and the different opportunities to transition from a corporate career to business ownership. The following are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from potential franchise owners.

Questions About the Franchise Industry

Q: What is a franchise?

A: A franchise is a business arrangement or license between an owner or franchisor and an individual or group, called the franchisee or buyer. The franchisor offers the right to use their brand name, proprietary processes and products, tools, and information to give the franchisee a leg up in launching their business. The franchisee typically pays a one-time fee and ongoing royalties in return for the rights granted and ongoing support.

Q: What kinds of businesses are franchises?

A: Franchises can be found in almost any industry, from fast-food restaurants and car repairs to retail and home services.

Q: How do I know a franchise is a good fit for me?

A: Every business opportunity is different and requires careful research and consideration. Investors should look at the franchisor’s track record, ask for advice from professionals, read the Franchise Disclosure Document, understand the Total Investment fee and know what ongoing support will be available.

Questions About Investing in a Franchise

Q: What are the main benefits of investing in a franchise?

A: Franchise businesses can offer many advantages for entrepreneurs, such as proven systems, reduced risk, access to specialist advice, training, and ongoing support. Franchises also tend to provide extensive marketing opportunities with a well-established brand.

Q: What financial risks are involved when investing in a franchise?

A: No business venture is guaranteed to succeed, and entrepreneurs need to ensure they understand the financial risks involved before investing. Franchises have a long track record of success, but investors should still scrutinize the financial performance of any franchise opportunity, taking into account the Total Investment fee.

Q: Does investing in a franchise guarantee success?

A: No. Investing in a franchise provides the advantages of a proven system and brand, but success depends on the ability of the franchisee to plan, execute and manage the business.

Q: What questions should I ask before investing in a franchise?

A: Before investing in a franchise, it’s important to ask questions to get a clear understanding of the business model, operations, financials, and franchisor-franchisee relationship. Some key questions include: What is the capital required and fees associated with the business? What rights do I have as a franchisee? Do I get ongoing support? How close is the franchisor in terms of guidance and expertise? How does the franchisor benefit from my success?


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