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Investing – Massage Envy Franchise for Husbands and Wives

Are you a husband and wife team looking for the flexibility and freedom of working together but from the comfort of your own home? Investing in a Massage Envy franchise could be the right fit for you. This article will delve into the frequently asked questions to help guide you towards making an informed decision regarding whether a Massage Envy franchise would be the right business for you.

What Is a Massage Envy Franchise?

A Massage Envy franchise is part of a massage therapy company with more than 1,000 franchises all across the United States. Specializing in therapeutic massages, facials, pore-cleansing, and tanning services; Massage Envy is well-known and respected globally. Franchise owners manage the daily operations of a Massage Envy franchise, such as staff hiring and training, marketing, and customer service.

What Benefits Are Associated with Investing in a Massage Envy Franchise?

The rewards of investing in a Massage Envy franchise are numerous. First and foremost, a Massage Envy franchise is a home-based business option; it allows husband and wife entrepreneurs to work together to become successful business owners. Secondly, Massage Envy franchise owners benefit from a solid business model and brand recognition, which significantly reduces any risk associated with starting a business. Lastly, Massage Envy franchise owners also receive ongoing support and training and benefit from their affiliation with thousands of other franchise owners.

What Is the Cost of Investing in a Massage Envy Franchise?

Before investing in a Massage Envy franchise, couples should have a minimum liquidity of $200,000 and net worth of $350,000. The estimated initial investment for a Massage Envy franchise ranges from $280,711 to $626,744. This includes franchise fees, rent, franchise license, property and liability insurance, attorney’s fees and other miscellaneous costs. Massage Envy also requires a five percent royalty fee and two percent advertising fund from each franchisee.

How Much Will I Earn by Investing in a Massage Envy Franchise?

The amount of income generated by a Massage Envy franchise depends on numerous factors. Location, services offered and competitive pricing are some of the key factors which can affect the revenues earned. Massage Envy has one of the most successful business models in the massage therapy industry, with its offerings of both relaxation and therapeutic services. Massage Envy franchise owners enjoy an average annual income of $76,000 and have seen a 10-year average growth rate of over 10%.

What Is Massage Envy’s Process for Selecting Franchisees?

Massage Envy has very strict selection criteria for potential franchisees. Applicants must demonstrate prior experience in management, operations and customer service. Massage Envy requires its franchisees to possess a college degree and/or the equivalent of five years of experience in an executive-level position or as a business owner. A background check is also conducted to ensure that prospective franchisees are in compliance with Massage Envy’s ethical guidelines and safety regulations.


Investing in a Massage Envy franchise can be an exciting and rewarding career move. The business model and brand recognition have proven successful over time, and franchise owners enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working from their home while being part of a family of thriving entrepreneurs. Couples should keep in mind the criteria Massage Envy requires before purchasing a franchise and the estimated costs associated with owning a Massage Envy franchise.


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