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Jersey Mike’s Franchise Opportunities

Aspiring business owners often look into franchising opportunities, like those offered by Jersey Mike’s Subs, to launch and succeed in their entrepreneurial journeys. Franchise ownership provides adaptable access to tremendous business opportunities that may otherwise be unattainable for those without the business acumen and financial capability. With franchise profits at an all-time high since Covid-19 pandemic, being a part of the multi-billion franchise industry is an attractive venture for many people.

The franchises industry is a complex and alluring sphere. Jersey Mike’s Subs in itself offers an attractive business model that distinguishes itself from other franchises. As an aspiring franchisor, one must thoroughly prepare for the process of buying a franchise, researching about the opportunities it offers and the extensive due diligence that comes with it.

In this article, we help to answer many of the questions that you may have about the Jersey Mike’s franchise, with an emphasis on topics ranging from franchising fees to operational cost and profits to customer loyalty. The article is intended for those who are recent college graduates, with limited business experience, but eager to enter into the franchising world.

Franchise Fees

When investing in a Jersey Mike’s franchise, the initial franchise fee is $25,000. The fee pays for costs associated with the purchase and training for the franchisees. Additionally, the initial franchise fee can be financed through a variety of financing options, allowing franchisees to spread the cost over several years.

Operations and Profits

The cost of starting a Jersey Mike’s franchise will vary depending on the state you are operating in. In general, you should expect to pay for building renovation and refurbishments, hire staff, purchase equipment, develop signage, pay fees, purchase insurance, and more. These expenses can range from $200,000 to $750,000.

Once your franchise is in operation, the revenue you generate depends on the size and location of the franchise. Jersey Mike’s is dubbed as one of the most successful franchises and is one of the top 10 fastest-growing franchisors in North America.

Customer Loyalty

Jersey Mike’s produces a highly sought-after product and has some of the highest customer loyalty ratings among restaurant franchises. The brand fosters an exceptionally loyal customer base due to its high-quality subs and customer service. Jersey Mike’s deliberately trains its servers to be friendly and upbeat when interacting with customers at each location.


The franchisor provides comprehensive training and marketing support, equipping franchisees with the necessary tools to succeed in the market, promote their brand and build a loyal customer base. It offers a multi-faceted marketing approach – providing a combination of time-tested strategies such as print advertising and guerrilla tactics, as well as online tools such as its highly successful “Make It A Meal” campaign.


Although franchise ownership comes with certain risks, the failure rate for Jersey Mike’s is generally lower than other franchises. Plus, a Track Record of success means that investing in its franchise increases your chances of gaining financial success and achieving life long ambitions in the franchising world.


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