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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to invest in a pavement maintenance franchise? You’re in luck! With the International Franchise Professional Group’s (IFPG) expansive network of 1,300 members, you have access to a variety of resources to choose the perfect franchise for you. From franchise brokers to vendors, IFPG has you covered.

In this article, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about pavement maintenance franchises. Specifically, we’ll discuss the cost, the qualification process, the expected return on investment, key risk-factors, and the necessary experience needed to make a successful investment. So if you are interested in getting started in the pavement maintenance franchise space, read on for our comprehensive guide.

Cost and Investment Requirements

When investing in a pavement maintenance franchise, the costs and required investments vary based on the specific franchise you choose, the size of your business, your financial capabilities, and various other factors. Generally speaking, most franchises require a significant investment upfront, typically between $100,000 and $500,000.

When considering a potential franchise, you should also factor in additional costs such as yearly royalty fees which range from four to six percent of the franchise’s gross sales. You should also consider the cost of leasing the necessary machines and equipment and hiring workers for specialized skills, such as those necessary for crack sealing and pothole repair.

In addition to financial investments, you should also anticipate putting in the necessary time and effort necessary to properly maintain a franchise. This includes understanding the existing customer base, having a familiarity with local regulations, and dedicating ample time to marketing and advertising.


In order to qualify and be approved for a pavement maintenance franchise, you will need to meet the financial qualification requirements as well as successfully pass the IFPG Franchise Consultant Test. The exam reviews basic concepts related to franchising such as the franchise agreement, independent contractor classifications, financial disclosures, and operational requirements. The exam must be passed with a score of at least 80 percent. Once you have passed the exam, you will be eligible to purchase a pavement maintenance franchise.

expected return on investment (ROI)

The expected return on investment when investing in a pavement maintenance franchise varies depending on the specific franchise that you choose, your business model, and the market conditions. Additionally, the amount of time and effort that you put into your franchise can significantly increase the amount of return that you can expect.

Generally speaking, most pavement maintenance franchises have seen an average return of 22 to 30 percent, with some franchises even seeing returns as high as 40 percent. It is important to thoroughly research the return potential of each franchise in order to make an informed decision.


As with any investment, there are inherent risks associated with investing in a pavement maintenance franchise. The most common risks include unfavorable weather conditions, customer defaults, and unreliable suppliers. It is important to carefully assess these risks and be prepared to face them.

Experience and Knowledge Requirements

Investing in a pavement maintenance franchise requires extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. As a starting point, you should have a solid understanding of construction and maintenance processes, equipment, and regulations. You should also be familiar with the types of pavement materials and industry best practices for installation and repair. Additionally, you should have a good grasp of business fundamentals, such as marketing, customer relations, and budgeting.


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