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For those looking to escape the 9-5 corporate lifestyle and transition into a world of business ownership, franchising is an increasingly popular option. With the support of an established franchising network, such as the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), franchisees have access to exclusive resources and guidance from expert franchise consultants. However, with so much to consider when investing in a franchise, it’s essential to research all aspects of the process in order to make an informed decision. In this article, we’ll discuss key questions to ask before investing in a franchise, the advantages of an IFPG membership, and essential resources for aspiring franchisees.

Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Franchise

Before investing in a background screening franchise, due diligence is essential. Researching the franchise opportunity can help to ensure that you find the best fit for your individual business goals and industry preferences. The following questions are some of the most important to consider before entering into a franchise agreement:

•What experience does the franchisor have in the background screening industry?

•What is the quality of the existing franchisees and support system?

•What are the financial obligations associated with the franchise agreement?

•What marketing and operational support services are included?

•What is the typical return on investment for the franchise?

•What industry trends does the franchisor anticipate in the future?

Answering these questions thoroughly and researching potential investments before signing any agreements can help aspiring franchisees to identify viable opportunities and make smart decisions with their investment funds.

Advantages of an IFPG Membership

The International Franchise Professionals Group was founded on the principle of integrity, ethics, and collaboration, and our members are part of a network that offers exclusive resources and support to assist franchisees in making informed decisions about their investments. As a member of the IFPG, franchisees can access specialized training, marketing support, and knowledge about industry trends. Additionally, IFPG members receive access to a network of like-minded industry professionals who can collaborate and consult on franchising opportunities.

Essential Resources for Aspiring Franchisees

For those looking to invest in a popular background screening franchise, there is a wealth of resources available to support proper research and due diligence. The following places are some of the best places to find detailed information and expert guidance when considering a background screening franchise:

•The Franchising Educational Institute – The FEI offers online courses designed to provide investors with the necessary education to make informed decisions about their franchising investments.

•The Franchise Opportunities website – Franchise Opportunities allows user to search for franchises by type and location, compare different franchise opportunities, and connect with qualified franchise consultants.

•The United States Small Business Administration – The SBA provides a wealth of information for franchise seekers, including detailed explanations of the franchising process, resources for researching franchising opportunities, and assistance in obtaining necessary financing.

•IFPG member directories – IFPG members have access to an exclusive searchable directory of all other members. This includes contact information, locations, and a detailed description of each professional’s qualifications and experience.


Investing in a franchise is an exciting and rewarding opportunity that can open up a world of possibilities for aspiring business owners. However, before committing financial resources to an opportunity, it’s important to know what questions to ask, where to look for information, and who to trust for support. With the resources and guidance available from the International Franchise Professionals Group, franchisees can rest assured that their investments will be well-researched and in good hands.


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