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FAQs – the 1 Franchise in the US

As a soon-to-be retiree in the United States, you are likely considering launching a franchise business for your post-work life. Investing in a franchise offers an opportunity to do something meaningful in your later years that also generates income. To maximize the success of your franchise business, it’s essential to identify the ‘best’ franchise for your capabilities and preferred industry. By researching the current landscape of franchises in the U.S., you can identify which franchise has the greatest potential for achieving your retirement goals. Below, we provide answers to the frequently asked questions on what to consider when determining the ‘#1’ franchise business in the US for retirees.

What does the ‘#1’ franchise mean?

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) considers the ‘#1’ franchise to refer to the franchisor with the highest performance scores, based on multiple quantitative and qualitative criteria. Specifically, these criteria fall within six pillars:

  1. Product & Service Demand
  2. Operations & Training Support
  3. Marketing & Sales Support
  4. Business Systems & Procedures
  5. Management & Corporate Culture
  6. Franchisee Satisfaction & Growth Potential

The IFPG combines these criteria to determine the franchisor with the highest overall performance score, which is their definition of the ‘#1’ franchise in the US.

What type of franchise is ‘#1’ in the US?

The current ‘#1’ franchise in the US is a health and fitness business providing personal training services. This type of franchise has seen a surge in recent years due to the aging population and their desire to remain healthy and active despite their age. Franchisees benefit from the brand awareness and longevity that come with an established franchise system like this, as well as the fact that the demand for this type of service is steadily increasing.

What should I consider before investing in the #1 franchise?

It is important to consider a few key factors before investing in the ‘#1’ franchise in the US:

  • Level of experience: This type of franchise requires franchisees to have prior experience in health and fitness or a relevant industry. If you have no prior experience, then this franchise might not be the best option for you.
  • Investment costs: Like any franchise, you should also consider the costs of investing in the ‘#1’ franchise in the US. This includes the franchise fee, start-up costs, and ongoing costs such as advertising, staff, and material expenses.
  • Territory: The ‘#1’ franchise in the US provides franchisees with exclusive territories. Before investing, you should make sure that the territory you are interested in is open and available.
  • Ease of access: Ensure that you can easily access the territory and location of your franchise. If it’s not easily accessible, there may be difficulty in attracting and retaining customers.

What advantages does the #1 franchise offer?

Investing in the ‘#1’ franchise in the US offers numerous advantages to retiring individuals. These include:

  • High return on investment: The ‘#1’ franchise in the US is well-established and highly successful. Therefore, franchisees can expect to achieve a high return on their investment.
  • Strong brand awareness: Having a strong brand name offers numerous advantages to franchisees. Not only is the ‘#1’ franchise in the US already well-known, but its brand name has been further reinforced with popular TV commercials. This helps increase customer confidence and attracts more individuals to the franchise.
  • Support & Resources for Franchisees: The ‘#1’ franchise in the US provides a range of resources and support to its franchisees. These include a comprehensive operations manual, tailormade to individual business locations, as well as ongoing training and management support.

Retirees considering investing in a franchise in the US should consider the ‘#1’ franchise for its numerous benefits. If this type of franchise is right for you, plan ahead and invest thoughtfully to reap the rewards of your retirement.


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