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How It Works

Introductory Call

It all starts with a quick introductiory call. We get to know you, your investment strategy, interests, goals and skill set.

Personality Assessment

Our Free Personality Assessment is designed specifically to match you to a franchise.

Review Funding Options

We work with you to find a funding solution that best fits your current situation.

Brand Discovery

Once we select a few viable options, you will start engaging with franchise brands. Your consultant will coach you along the way.

Our Process

Introductory Call

On this call, we get to know you better and we start to build a strategy for finding the right franchises that fit your criteria.

Initial Brand Call
Next, you will hop on a high-level call with the brand where they will review their business model and leadership team.
Unit Economics
This step dives deep into the cost and financial performance of a franchise.
FDD Review
At this stage, you review the FDD with the Franchisor and can ask questions.
Speak to current franchise owners and ask them questions about their experience.
Marketing and Operations
The brand development team will review the Marketing and Operations systems here with you.
Territory and Mapping
Here, the team will show you your potential territory as a franchisee.
Discovery Day

The last step in the interview process is where you visit corporate headquarters and meet the team.

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