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How To Buy A Franchise in Virginia Beach, Virginia

What to Consider Before Buying a Franchise in Virginia Beach

When you start thinking about opening a franchise in Virginia Beach, VA, there are several important things to take into account. Whether you are an investor, prospective franchisee, or hoping to expand a current business by purchasing units, there are numerous steps and considerations required to ensure a successful franchise purchase. Below are some tips to keep in mind while navigating the process of exploring franchise ownership in the sunny coastal city.

Research Franchisors

The first step to take when assessing potential franchises in Virginia Beach, VA is to conduct research. Knowing the margins and other details of each franchisor’s success rate in the market is essential to understanding potential differences between brands and what type of business model makes sense for your individual operations.

It’s also important to look up the long-term track record of any franchisor you are researching, including bankruptcy history, change in leadership, and customer and franchisee satisfaction trends. Such information can help to adjust the expectations regarding involvement and potential return on your investment.

Set and Calculate Budgets

From “startup costs” to “royalty fees” – financial considerations are one of the most pivotal steps to purchasing a franchise in Virginia Beach, VA. When setting and calculating budgets it’s essential to also consider additional overhead fees such as rent and insurance. Additionally, research the estimated cost of marketing, staffing, employee benefits, and supplies, so you can accurately estimated profits and your long-term growth.

Attend Franchise Exhibitions

Whether it’s taking a virtual tour of an available space, or attending a franchise exhibition to get to know the franchisor and the “family” of franchisees, it’s important to get a first-hand feel of the culture of the franchise you are considering purchasing. Such events can fill in the gaps between research and reality, which can inform decisions on multiple levels.

Seek Legal Advice

It’s also important to seek legal advice when purchasing a franchise. In addition to the terms of the Franchise Disclosure document, there are numerous local regulations and business laws a franchise must abide. An attorney who specializes in franchising can help you make sure you take all of the necessary steps to become a successful franchisee in Virginia Beach, VA.

Reach Out to Existing Franchisees

Before signing on the dotted line, take the time to connect with current franchisees in Virginia Beach. This can be a great opportunity to receive feedback about their experience, learn about any challenges they face, and offer insight regarding successes. This type of real-world advice can provide valuable information that can help inform the choice to proceed with the purchase or not.

Purchasing a franchise in Virginia Beach entails researching franchisors, setting and calculating budgets, attending franchise exhibitions, seeking legal advice, and reaching out to existing franchisees. Taking the time to research each franchisor and understand the culture, financials, and cost associated with each venture are necessary when selecting a franchise.



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