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Relationships involve compromises on a lot of levels, no matter the context. But when the union of two partners involves starting a business as an investment, many often wonder what the best profitable franchise opportunities are that they can take on. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) has taken up the mantle to guide couples through franchise business investments to help them achieve their goals of time freedom, flexibility, and more. In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) couples have for franchises that will yield the most profits for their investments.

What Are the Most Profitable Franchises Right Now?

When it comes to franchises that are currently the most profitable in the market, industry experts point to traditional, home services franchises. Home renovation and improvement franchises are the most consistent when it comes to delivering the most returns on investments for franchisees. Home care services franchises like pet walking and lawn care services are also great options for couples. Lastly, franchisors that offer cleaning or janitorial services are also seeing great success as the demand for these services show steady growth.

The popularity of home services can be attributed to the simple yet clean business model. Franchisees of these services don’t need to invest in heavily in inventory or other assets. Tasks range from simple, low-cost jobs to higher-priced service calls that can be more profitable.

Are Franchises Still Profitable?

When done right, and with the right franchisor, investments in franchises can still remain profitable. To ensure a successful gain, couples should take time to assess and analyze the franchise business model, the franchisor’s experience, and the stability of the industry the franchise promises to serve. They should also note that any franchise entered into as a joint partnership should be well-planned and researched to make sure it meets their specific business needs and the ownership’s goals. The franchise should be profitable and serve their local area, and couples should ensure that they have access to adequate capital to fund the venture.

Are Franchises Suitable For Couples?

Yes, franchises can be suitable for couples who are looking to create a business together. The best part about franchising is that it makes the process of starting a business much simpler and quicker. With experienced franchisors to help couples through the process, franchises can reduce the downtime and effort invested into the venture, plus still deliver returns on investments.

With the right research, finding profitable franchises that will suit the couple’s needs is achievable. And with the help of an experienced franchise consultant, franchisees can quickly and accurately assess and analyze business opportunities and narrow down franchise choices.

Where Can I Find the Best Franchises?

Working with an experienced franchise broker from the IFPG is an ideal way to discover the best and most profitable franchises for couples. Members of the IFPG can help aspiring couples through the entire franchise investment process. From franchising an existing business to helping them identify the best franchise opportunities that suit their goals, IFPG franchise brokers is an invaluable asset.

The IFPG works with a network of more than 1,300 franchisors, franchise consultants, and vendor members from different industries and with extensive experience. IFPG’s mission of integrity, ethics, and collaboration leaves couples comfortable exploring their options, making them more likely to quickly make the right investments.



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