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Most Profitable Franchises under $50k

Franchise businesses offer the opportunity to become your own boss while having the backing of an established brand, model, and trademark. Franchise ownership has become increasingly popular over the years, and the franchise industry is now estimated to be worth more than $500 billion in the US. With over 800 different franchise concepts, it can be difficult to know where to start your research and decide which opportunity is right for you.

This article will focus on the lucrative opportunities available to those looking to invest in a franchise. We’ll focus on the most profitable franchises under 50k, so you can begin your journey of franchise ownership with minimal risk.

What are Franchises?

Franchise businesses involve the selling of a proven business model to the franchisee. The franchisee then pays a fee to the franchisor, ensuring them access to the concept’s proprietary knowledge and resources. Purchasing a franchise offers potential owners a head-start into business ownership; but it also requires close adherence to all mandated procedures and policies.

What to Consider When Investing in a Franchise

Before investing in a franchise, there are certain factors to consider. The biggest factor is the franchisor’s track record of success. It is important to understand the company’s operating history, procedures, and processes, as well as how it plans to continue to grow and evolve. Additionally, it is important to be fully aware of the investment costs and ongoing fees that come with owning a franchise.

Getting Started After Corporate Layoffs

Many facing corporate layoffs are feeling the pressure to find a new job, but entrepreneurship can be an attractive alternative. Professional corporate skills, like networking and problem-solving, are invaluable assets when starting a business. Investing in a franchise after a corporate job loss can help cover the financial gap before finding a new role.

Profitable Franchises Under 50k

The following franchises offer profitable investment opportunities while costing less than 50k:

• BrightStar Care: This leading healthcare franchise delivers comprehensive medical and non-medical services in homes and medical facilities. The initial investment ranges from $96,209 to $178,033.

• PostNet®: This franchise assists small business owners with digital/online printing, marketing, shipping, and other business services. The initial investment ranges from $50,750 to $127,575.

• Kona Ice: Become your own boss and invest in an iconic brand that sells mobile, Hawaiian-style shaved ice treats. The initial investment ranges from $77,200 to $144,700.

• House Doctors Handyman and Remodeling: This franchise provides comprehensive home repair and renovation services through licensed craftsmen. The initial investment ranges from $28,595 to $66,865.

• The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill: This franchise provides delicious, convenient, and healthy Greek food. The initial investment ranges from $71,500 to $249,650.

Investors should understand that the above estimates are based on information provided by the Franchisor on Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), also known as the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC).

Finding Expert Assistance

Buying a franchise that fits your budget and interests is an important decision that takes time and research to make. Those who want expert assistance throughout the process should reach out to a reputable franchise broker. A franchise broker will evaluate your situation and present a curated list of tailored options to fit your needs. The IFPG franchise broker network encompasses more than 1,300 members and offer assistance in selecting the right franchise opportunity.




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