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Things to Consider When Becoming a Multi-Unit Franchisee in Portland, Oregon

Starting a business can be a challenging endeavor regardless of what industry the business operates within or where it is located. And franchising is no different. Franchisees can take considerable risk, and in the case of multi-unit franchises they usually multiply their investment and their risk substantially.

The city of Portland, Oregon offers franchising opportunities for those looking to invest in their own business or add onto their existing business portfolio. There are many advantages to franchising from this region, but prudent investors should take a deeper look before committing to a multi-unit franchise. Consider the following factors before entering the franchising world.

Understand Your Objectives

Before entering the world of franchise ownership, it is important for prospective franchisees to ask themselves what their objectives are. What do they hope to gain from the franchise opportunity? Are they looking for a quick return on their investment or have they committed to the long-term process that owning a franchise often involves? Are they looking to enter an established brand or launch a new one? Depending on the answers to these questions, a prospective franchisor may find that multi-unit franchising is the smartest choice for them.

Consider Financing Options

Once the objectives are established, it is important for prospective franchisees to take a closer look at their financing options. Financing may come in the form of traditional bank loans, venture capital, private investors, and grants from the city or state. It is important for potential franchisees to explore all of their financing options thoroughly when looking to invest in a multi-unit franchise.

In addition to taking a closer look at their financing options, prospective franchisees should also consider their risk tolerance. Investing in a multi-unit franchise entails a certain amount of risk, and investors need to understand their own risk tolerance prior to committing to a franchise.

Research the Local Market

Before investing in a multi-unit franchise, potential franchisees need to take a closer look at the local market. Local demographics are crucial to a franchise’s success, and potential franchisees need to understand the population demographics, the buying habits of residents, and the competition that exists in the area. Researching the local market can help franchisees identify potential franchise opportunities that offer the best chance of success.

Analyze the Franchise Agreement

In addition, potential franchisees should thoroughly analyze the franchise agreement before committing to a franchise. Franchise agreements often include stringent rules and regulations that franchisees must follow. Taking the time to read through and understand the franchise agreement can help potential franchisees identify potential issues or risks before signing the contract.

Get Professional Advice

Finally, it is important for potential franchisees to seek out the advice of experienced professionals. The process of investing in a multi-unit franchise can be complex and lengthy, and having the right professionals on their side can help potential franchisees make the best decision for their investment.

These are a few of the things to consider when becoming a multi-unit franchisee in Portland, Oregon. Taking the time to thoroughly understand all of the factors involved can help potential franchisees make an informed decision and increase their chances of success in the venture.


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