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Navigating the Restaurant Franchise Landscape

Recently retired from a successful career and looking to stay active and engaged in a business? A restaurant franchise could be the perfect fit. Franchising opportunities in the food service industry are booming, as the industry is projected to reach $1.8 trillion globally by 2023.

And while an exciting prospect, investing in a franchise also requires careful consideration – the restaurant industry is dynamic, competitive, and highly regulated. To assist in your exploration, we provide a comprehensive guide to frequently asked questions regarding restaurant franchises.

What is a restaurant franchise?

A restaurant franchise is a business model whereby the owner (franchisor) grants the right to an unrelated individual or entity (franchisee) to use the owner’s proprietary name, trademarks, and processes in exchange for a fee. The kind of restaurant franchise a potential franchisee can open may vary. Some franchisors offer a wide range of restaurant concepts, such as fast food, sit-down, full-service, or casual dining, while other franchisors may specialize in one concept.

What is the benefit of buying a restaurant franchise?

When compared to opening a restaurant from scratch, purchasing a restaurant franchise offers a range of benefits, such as reduced risk, time savings, established brand recognition, and access to the franchisor’s resources and systems.

With a franchise, new owners benefit from established processes, a comprehensive training program, marketing assistance, procurement of food and other related products, and access to financing through the franchisor.

The biggest benefit to owning a franchise is the brand recognition surrounding the restaurant. While it takes more than branding to attract success for an establishment, the sense of comfort customers experience when eating at a familiar restaurant can have a big impact on a restaurant’s success.

What are the disadvantages of buying a restaurant franchise?

Despite the many advantages to owning a franchise, there are certainly some downsides. Firstly, the franchisee may assume the burden of high start-up costs. Setting up a restaurant from scratch is expensive, but the cost of a franchise can range from $10,000 to upwards of $2 million.

What’s more, the franchisee may not benefit from all the revenue generated by the business since the franchisor receives a portion of the earnings. Franchisees must also obey rules and regulations put in place by the franchisor, which could impact the freedom of decision-making in the business.

What are the tips to consider when buying a restaurant franchise?

Before taking the plunge into the restaurant franchising industry, aspiring owners should consider the following tips:

  • Conduct Your Research:Before investing, take the time to research the potential franchise, its policies, and its track record. Request a franchise disclosure document from the franchisor or its broker and take a close look at its terms and conditions, as you are bound by them once you become a franchisee.
  • Visit Existing Franchises: If the franchise has existing locations, try and visit them to get a sense of the franchise’s operations, and speak to franchisees about how they’ve found the business. These onsite visits are a great way to determine if the franchise is a good fit.
  • Understand Your Financing Options: Start-up costs are significant, so it’s important to understand the different financing options available to you. Consider speaking to a franchise consultant, bank, or private lender to review your options.
  • Secure the Location:Pay careful attention to the franchise’s location. It’s best to locate near pedestrian-friendly and/or tourist-friendly areas. In addition, consider the size and layout of the premises.
  • Seek Professional Advice: It is highly recommended to speak to an IFPG Consultant to help you through the process and more importantly introduce you to the most qualified Franchisors.

In the end

The restaurant industry certainly offers a range of opportunities to invest in and own a franchise, but it’s important for potential owners to understand the process and implications of investing in a franchise. Consider the points laid out and connect with an experienced IFPG Consultant to ensure the right steps are taken in selecting and purchasing the right restaurant franchise.


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