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In the current turbulent economic climate, the thought of a secure and profitable business can seem like a distant dream. Franchises offer the potential to set up and grow a business without the need to start from absolute scratch, offering the training, resources, and brand recognition that an independent business just cannot match.

One of the more popular franchises in the US is the garage door sector. A specialized field, with a low barrier to entry and the potential for growth of a humble start-up, garage doors are a solid option in any market. For those with an eye on potential returns, however, there are a few questions that need to be addressed.

What kind of investment is necessary? What will the support look like and who is responsible for maintenance? How difficult are the financial requirements? What kind of return-on-investment should be expected? Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions, for those considering investing in a garage door franchise.

What Kind of Investment is Necessary?

For those looking to invest in a popular garage door franchise, the minimum initial investment required to get started is around $100,000. This figure can vary from franchise to franchise, however, with some franchisors offering more comprehensive packages at higher costs. It is important to thoroughly research the options and find the best fit for individual needs.

What Will the Support Look Like?

When investing in a garage door franchise, it’s important to have a keen understanding of the level of support that will be available. Franchisors typically offer a number of different services under their franchising agreement, usually including assistance with setup, training, marketing, and maintenance. Generally, the franchisor also assumes responsibility for any premises leases and technology updates. This provides a level of safety and financial security which is invaluable during turbulent economic times.

How Difficult are the Financial Requirements?

As part of the franchise agreement, investors must provide an adequate security deposit in order to demonstrate commitment to the venture. This normally equals two months of franchise fees and is done to supplement the security of the consumer in case the franchise fails. It also ensures franchisors remain competitive and distributed capital accurately and swiftly upon successful exit or dissolution.

What kind of Return-on-Investment Should be Expected?

It would be foolish to expect any kind of guaranteed return when entering any venture. That said, garage door franchises in the US typically enjoy above-average returns above the industry standard. With a five-year average return-on-investment of 28%, the profit potential of this venture is clear.

When considering the potential rewards, it is important to remember the various risk factors too. Although the current economic climate is presenting a unique set of opportunities to those with a sharp eye and a tolerant risk-appetite, potential investors must remain mindful of the risks involved with any venture.


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