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Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Franchise – Wisconsin

When it comes to making a sound investment in a business opportunity, the decision is a serious one for any husband and wife team that desires time freedom and flexibility. However, making the right move can be a daunting prospect when choosing the right franchise to buy in Wisconsin. There is much to consider – from the reputation of the franchise, to location, to the return on investment (ROI).

The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) offers professional franchise consultation services, and is the leading franchise broker group made up of franchisors, consultants, and vendors. Together, our members help entrepreneurs identify and invest in the best possible franchise opportunities. We understand the decision-making process is an important step, and below we provide a comprehensive guide to inform and answer the most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying a franchise in Wisconsin.

What Different Franchise Options are Available in Wisconsin?

When choosing the best franchise to buy in Wisconsin, it is first important to consider the array of options at your disposal. There is an exciting range of opportunities, from food franchise business opportunities to retail franchise opportunities. More specifically, popular Wisconsin franchises include retail stores such as Dairy Queen and Insomnia Cookies; service businesses such as Lawn Doctor and The Grounds Guys; and multi-unit franchise opportunities such as Gym Guyz and Kid to Kid.

No matter the industry or sector, the IFPG franchise broker group can help a business owner be confident and decide what the best franchise to buy is. Our experts provide comprehensive information with industry knowledge and up to date information on business rules and regulations.

How Does Buying a Franchise Compare to Starting a Business From Scratch?

While in some ways similar, in other ways starting and owning a franchise in Wisconsin is completely different than starting a business from the ground up. Franchise businesses operate with the advantage of a “brand” in a predetermined system with an existing customer base, instead of needing to build a company’s name and reputation.

Buying a franchise opportunity also eliminates many of the risks of starting a business. Franchises are backed by franchisor networks designed to help franchisees grow their business. These networks offer comprehensive training, support and mentorship, as well as access to national and international marketing campaigns.

Finally, another advantage of buying a franchise is that the licensee has the right to market under a brand or symbols already known by consumers. This saves the time, money, and effort associated with marketing a business from scratch.

What Financing Options are Available to Buy Franchises?

Investing in a new business is an exciting yet potentially expensive prospect. Fortunately, there are ways to obtain financing. As with any type of business loan, when buying franchise opportunities personal credit is important, as are the collateral and assets of the business.

More than that, there are certain lenders that specialize in franchise financing, in addition to traditional lending options. SMB Compass is one such example. The Small Business Administration (SBA) also provides loans of up to $5 million. In addition, there is the Emerging Franchisor Program, which offers loan guarantee programs specifically for qualified franchisees.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying a Franchise in Wisconsin?

The benefits of buying a franchise in Wisconsin extends far beyond potential financial rewards. Taking on a franchise opportunity allows for autonomy and independence, while allowing franchisees to be part of a larger system. At the same time, there is less risk associated with buying than starting a business from scratch.

However, franchising is not without its drawbacks. The success of a franchise business is reliant largely on the franchisor’s ability to sustain growth, as well as the presence of an established customer base. There can be significant financial capital required to buy, and paperwork requirements such as the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular can be extensive.

How Can the IFPG Help Buyers Choose the Best Franchise Opportunity in Wisconsin?

Organizations such as the IFPG provide a range of support to current and prospective franchisees. Our members have expertise in assessing franchisor offerings and helping stakeholders decide on the best franchise opportunity. We can provide distance and in-person support, depending on the needs of the franchisee.

Our professional franchise consultants can help buyers decide what the best franchise to buy in Wisconsin is, by exploring the financial capacity of the franchisee, the costs associated with buying, and analyzing the franchise system to ensure that it is the right fit.


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