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Understanding the Basics of International Franchise Professionals Group

The international franchise industry is a rapidly growing market with businesses of all sizes eager to explore the potential of acquiring franchises to expand their operations. In order to capitalize on the opportunity, many astute businesspeople turn to International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) for reliable franchise consulting services.

IFPG is a highly respected group of franchise consulting professionals, with more than 1,300 members working as franchise brokers, franchisors, franchise consultants and vendors. Together, these professionals offer their expertise to individuals seeking to invest in franchises.

The goal of IFPG is to provide ethical, collaborative guidance to those interested in making a sound investment and building their own successful business. For those affected by corporate layoffs, IFPG can prove invaluable in helping them make informed franchise-buying decisions.

This article will provide an overview of IFPG, explain the various services the organization provides, and explain how anyone can benefit from seeking their assistance when considering the purchase of a franchise.

What Services Does IFPG Provide?

IFPG’s main mission is helping aspiring business owners identify and select the right franchise opportunities. Their approach involves offering a variety of services, including:

  • Conducting an in-depth market assessment to identify the best franchise opportunities
  • Developing a custom business plan tailored to the franchisee’s specific needs
  • Guiding the prospective franchisee through the entire process, from researching franchises to making an informed buying decision
  • Providing advice on how to successfully manage a franchise business
  • Connecting the franchisee with resources to support their business

In addition to these services, IFPG also offers training programs, networking events and other services designed to help franchisees cultivate their businesses.

The Benefits of Working With IFPG

When seeking unbiased advice and qualified professionals to help with the purchase of a franchise, IFPG is the perfect resource. Here are some of the many reasons why:

Access to Expertise

The consultants at IFPG are experienced in the franchise industry and have the knowledge and resources to identify the best opportunities for each individual. They can offer insights into the industry, alert prospective buyers to potential risks, and provide answers to any questions they may have.

Unbiased Guidance

IFPG’s mission is to provide honest, ethical advice that is independent of the franchise themselves, so that potential franchisees can make an informed decision. They are committed to helping buyers negotiate the best terms and costs while avoiding hidden pitfalls.

Long-Term Support

In addition to helping with the purchase of the franchise, IFPG can provide long-term support. They can connect clients with all the necessary resources needed to ensure the franchise thrives and that the business owner reaps the maximum long-term gain.


IFPG is a top-tier membership-based network of franchise consulting professionals. Their services are invaluable to those interested in purchasing a franchise, particularly those affected by corporate layoffs looking to invest in their own business. The organization provides access to expertise, unbiased guidance and long-term support. For anyone interested in exploring franchise options, IFPG is the perfect resource to turn to.


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