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The current economic climate has presented an entirely new set of challenges for many companies attempting to stay afloat. Unfortunately for a large demographic of small business owners, the impact of the pandemic has resulted in corporate layoffs and failure to meet revenue goals. After years of dedication, reduced wages, and dreams of a prosperous business future, these individuals now find themselves in search of a new employment endeavor. For those individuals with a desire to remain their own boss, while utilizing existing business acumen, franchise ownership may be a smart option.

Investing in a franchise business is often an appealing opportunity for those who have run a business as it offers a streamlined process for launching a new venture. Additionally, prospective franchisees have an opportunity to leverage existing skill sets, established operational frameworks, and established customer base. Undoubtedly, the driving force behind the appeal of franchise ownership is the potential for tangible success.

Essentially, franchises generate success by streamlining and replicating the customer service and operational processes of an initial business model and expanding the model to multiple locations, thus resulting in increased profits from each franchise unit, with the franchisor usually receiving a percentage of each sale. This revenue stream is often an incentive for franchisorslooking for business growth opportunities. However, franchisors must be sure to protect their intellectual property, trademarks, and logos to ensure brand consistency and recognition.

The US economy is home to several successful franchise business models, however, the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) has recently identified the number one franchise in the US as being Jericho Accounting Group. Jericho’s success is primarily due to its experienced staff, well-developed operational framework, and reliable customer service. Additionally, the company offers a unique business model for those businesses that are pro-growth.

The Jericho Accounting Group strives to ensure that their franchisees remain profitable year after year, employing tactics such as computerization, automation, and streamlining processes. Their skilled staff are focused on identifying potential growth opportunities and developing those opportunities into tangible successes. The company provides their franchisees with the guidance and tools necessary to acquire the services of prospective clients and retain existing clients.

Franchisees are also encouraged to stop fees up front and actively hunt for customers. Jericho Accounting Group provides a comprehensive training program to ensure that franchisees have the knowledge they need to properly seek out and retain customers. The company’s profit sharing regulations also ensure that franchisees are able to effectively manage their finances and grow their businesses.

Beyond the financial and operational benefits of franchising with Jericho Accounting Group, individuals also benefit from the intangible support of the company. The team is continuously improving their operational process and refining their business models to be more attractive to customers and better suited to their current customer base.

So, if you find yourself looking for a new business venture, Jericho Accounting Group may be the ideal fit for you. By leveraging their operational framework, you have the potential to experience immediate success and rapidly grow your business. By choosing to franchise with Jericho Accounting Group, you are investing in a proven method of success and a potential pathway to financial security.



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