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Best Franchise to Buy in Massachusetts?

The unforeseen situation of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a devastating effect on individuals and families alike all around the world. One of the most heavily-affected industrial sectors in the United States has been the retail industry, resulting in layoffs for many store and restaurant employees in Massachusetts. While navigating economic uncertainty can be difficult, looking into franchise opportunities may help to open the door to a new career path or investment for those who have lost their jobs to the pandemic.

When deciding on the best franchise to buy in Massachusetts, the first step is to assess the individual’s skillsets, education, and relevant experience. Beyond finding a franchise that relates to past experience, people should focus on researching and considering two core components when evaluating franchise systems: scalability and potential profits. Working with an experienced franchise consultant or advisor can make the decision process much easier.

Investment budgets are also a crucial factor when contemplating the best franchise to buy in Massachusetts; most franchisors have different tiers of investments that help to guide those who have limited funds. According to the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), most of the franchises that are members of their organization have total investments ranging from $40,000 to $250,000 for first time franchise buyers.

Additionally, industry landscape is an important factor for those considering the purchase of a franchise in Massachusetts. Looking into the current legislative environment, state & local regulations, as well as any potential competition in the region can help aspiring franchise owners to make an informed decision.

As the state of Massachusetts includes the greater Boston area, there are several popular franchises doing well in the region. This includes names like ‘Jimmy John’s’ sandwiches, ‘Firehouse Subs’, and ‘Smoothie King’. Other contenders like ‘Taco Bell’ and ‘Fazoli’s’ have also seen success in the last few decades. An aspiring franchisee should assess the business landscape in their region to understand the competitive landscape and prospects of success.

Thanks to the large crop of established franchises, there are also opportunities for franchise resales or used franchises in Massachusetts. Such businesses are often more established and profitable and may require less of an investment, as compared to a ‘startup’.

When deciding on the best franchise to buy in Massachusetts, aspiring franchisees should also consider any existing relationships they may have with vendor partners or service sources. APlus franchise brokers are a great resource for understanding the differences between various franchises and their profitability, as they have in-depth knowledge and experience about the various franchise systems throughout New England.

At the end of the day, the best franchise to buy in Massachusetts depends on the individual’s targeted margins, financial background, investment capabilities, and a host of other factors that are unique to each aspiring business owner. It is essential to do research, involve professional assistance and a thorough assessment of one’s own abilities to make the right decision.





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