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Where to Begin with Franchises

Considering a franchise investment to spend more time with family? Starting a franchise business is an exciting opportunity for countless entrepreneurs across the globe. But with so many franchise opportunities on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices.

To help you in your research, we’ve compiled some of the most profitable franchises have to offer. For business owners looking to invest for less than 50k to spend more time with family, the selections listed below are among the most reliable low-cost investment opportunities.

When determining the profitability of a franchise, it’s important to review factors such as initial franchise fees, the total cost of startup, and the amount of time required to operate a successful business. It’s important to look at if the franchisor provides increased support as the business grows, along with the success rate of franchises in the area.

We at International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) are ready to answer all your questions about franchising. The IFPG franchise broker group members guide aspiring business owners through the process of identifying and investing in franchise businesses. We strongly believe in our purpose-driven mission, which is based on integrity, ethics, and collaboration.

Here are some of the most profitable franchises under 50k good for investing and spending more time with family:

1. Cruise Planners

If you’re passionate about travelling, there is no better franchise than Cruise Planners. With more than 20 years of franchising, Cruise Planners is the nation’s largest home-based travel agency franchise. Cruise Planners offers a unique blend of franchise ownership and franchise licence agreement. The initial franchise fee is $10,995, and though long-term commitments are required, that’s all you’ll have to pay for start-up with Cruise Planners. Cruise Planners also provides more support, such as access to training, marketing materials, and technology as you grow.

2. Magic Jump Rentals

This franchise is a great choice for a family business. For an initial investment of $25,000, families can become part owners of a Magic Jump Rentals franchise. Magic Jump Rentals is the world’s largest direct-to-consumer jump house rental company. Parent/franchisees, as they are sometimes called, operate delivery trucks, supervise the equipment, set up the jump houses, and even talk with customers. The great thing about Magic Jump Rentals is that you can start with a smaller investment and as your business grows, you can increase your fleet and hire more staff.

3. Home Clean Heroes

Home Clean Heroes is a rapidly growing cleaning franchise with several locations across the United States. Home Clean Heroes provides its franchisees with an initial investment of $25,000 and a comprehensive training program. Franchisees can expect to complete training in three days and be ready to begin setting up appointments with customers. Home Clean Heroes offers both residential and commercial cleaning services, so the customer base is wide and varied.

4. Mr. Handyman

If you’re looking to start your own handyman service, Mr. Handyman is the way to go. With an initial franchise fee of $26,500, Mr. Handyman offers franchisees the opportunity to purchase a home-based handyman business. Mr. Handyman’s comprehensive franchise package includes a detailed step-by-step training program that covers everything from marketing to customer service. Franchisees also have access to an in-house marketing team that can help craft your advertisement strategy.

5. Little Sparkles Party

Little Sparkles Party offers an affordable franchise option with an initial investment of $22k. This franchise opportunity was created after the success of its mother company, The Little Sparkles Project. It offers birthday and event planning services, so you can bring joy to children and families through the assembling of goodie bags, party decorations, and other fun event activities. The franchise also boasts an extensive online presence with social media accounts and marketplace listings to help market the business during the onset.

6. Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes is a popular fitness and educational franchise with a variety of locations across the United States. Franchisees have the opportunity to purchase the Amazing Athletes franchise with an initial investment of just $15,000. This all-inclusive program includes an extensive training program, access to their experienced staff, and the use of their proven systems and process.

7. Scooter’s Coffee

Scooter’s Coffee is one of the most successful coffee franchises in the US and has locations throughout the entire country. This franchise began its drive-thru efforts in 1998 and has since developed into a well-known coffee brand. The franchise requires an initial investment of $47,800, but with a dedicated team and a great product, the potential for success is huge.

8. Jazzercise

Jazzercise is one of the most reputable and successful fitness franchises in the United States, and for an investment of just $1,250, you can get your own Jazzercise franchise off the ground. As an international brand, Jazzercise associates can reach customers around the world. Franchisees have access to the Jazzercise’s online media, marketing materials, and extensive training and support.

9. The Great Frame Up

The Great Frame Up is a franchised business that specializes in custom framing. For an initial investment of under $17,000, you can become a franchise owner with The Great Frame Up. Franchisees are provided with the necessary training and support to manage the store. Additionally, this franchise’s selection of high-quality frames offers customers greater options to frame pictures and artwork.

10. Tasty Box

For entrepreneurs who love food and cooking, Tasty Box is the perfect option. Tasty Box offers customized meal kits, and franchisees have the opportunity to purchase their own Tasty Box franchise starting at under $40,000. Even with a mid-tier investment, franchisees have access to Tasty Box’s marketing and training programs.

Each of these franchising opportunities offer great possibilities for entrepreneurs interested in building their own business. It’s important to do your research before investing in a franchise, and to contact the franchisor with any questions or concerns.

At International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), we are ready to assist with your questions about franchise opportunities. Our network of experienced professionals and global access to our thousands of members gives us insight to the most profitable franchises. Leverage our expertise to find the franchise that fits your budget and aspirations.





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