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Guide to Understanding Residential Moving Franchise

A large number of individuals and households seek assistance with their residential moving needs. The rapidly growing demand for residential moving services has given rise to various moving franchises across the United States offering residential customers cost-effective, reliable, and professional moving services. Franchisees have the opportunity of providing quality service while achieving the independence and flexibility of owning their own business.

For those looking into the popular residential moving franchise options, it is important to gain a full understanding of what they offer. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of frequently asked questions about popular residential moving franchises to help a prospective franchisee understand the services, costs, staff, and strategies associated with each franchise.

What is a Residential Moving Franchise?

A residential moving franchise is an organized service provider that offers residential moving services to households in the U.S. Franchises are a great way to start a business with the benefit of brand recognition and name value, while still having control over the day-to-day operations.

Franchises are typically sold as a turnkey operation meaning that all the necessary items are included such as needed equipment, training, and marketing materials. Franchises are responsible for training employees and providing customers with excellent service.

What Types of Services Do Residential Moving Franchises Offer?

Popular residential moving franchise typically offer local, interstate, and international moving services with packages that include packing, storage, and product delivery services. Moving franchises offer pick-up and delivery options which many customers prefer as it eliminates the need for the customer to do all the packing and arranging for the move.

Franchises also offer customers pick-up services from any destination as well as a variety of special services such as the rental of various transportation and storage units.

What is the Cost of Investing in a Residential Moving Franchise?

Depending on which franchise is chosen and the size of the business, initial franchise investments range from several thousand dollars into the millions. Monthly franchise fees can also range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Many franchises also require that franchisors pay a per load or transaction fee for each job.

What is Needed to Further Develop a Residential Moving Franchise?

In addition to the initial franchise investment, it is important to understand the staffing requirements of a residential moving franchise. Most franchises require a base of experienced employees in order to properly execute the moving services and customer satisfaction. Franchisees are typically responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees.

Franchisees also need to establish relationships with suppliers, vendors, and other local businesses in order to create a successful franchise. This includes securing necessary equipment, setting up key customer and vendor accounts, and forming partnerships with moving services in other locations.

What Strategies Should a Residential Moving Franchise Follow?

To ensure the success of a residential moving franchise, it is important to create a comprehensive marketing plan. This should include online and offline strategies such as local television, radio, and magazine advertising as well as targeted online marketing campaigns. It is also important to keep up with industry trends and ensure that you are offering the latest services.

It is also important to focus on customer experience, which is key to ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction. Franchisees should strive to offer the highest quality services and emphasize customer service every step of the way.


When done right, owning and running a residential moving franchise can be a rewarding and lucrative business. By gaining a full understanding of the franchising process and researching the various options, a prospective franchisee can determine if this type of business is for them. Investing in a residential moving franchise can be a great way to achieve the independence and flexibility of owning your own business while helping others with time-sensitive and important moves.


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