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Are you and your spouse looking for the perfect business opportunity that offers time freedom and flexibility? Franchising is one of the best ways for investors to start their own business and begin the journey to achieve their goals. With the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) at your service, franchising has become even more accessible and attainable for couples who want to begin their own legacies. To help empower couples willing to give franchising a go, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions on cheap franchise opportunities under $5,000.

What are the different types of cheap franchises out there?

In the US, franchising is a multi-billion-dollar industry that provides a vast array of options for couples and entrepreneurs seeking to venture into business ownership. In the year 2018, about 6% of the US GDP can be attributed to the franchise consultant industry, wherein the main focus lies on helping aspiring business owners secure a franchise opportunity.

The traditional model of franchising is typically characterized by a business-level investment of anywhere between $250,000 and $1 million. However, together with IFPG members, the understanding of franchising has expanded to include smaller investments and even franchising opportunities for under $5,000. With the help of this lead-generating and marketing network, aspiring business owners can now explore a variety of cheap franchise opportunities allowing individuals to launch a business without the large expense of a traditional franchise.

Cheap franchise opportunities exist in a variety of industries, including:

  • Print shops
  • Home cleaning services
  • Home repair services
  • Food trucks and delivery services
  • Mobile car detailing businesses
  • Vending machine businesses
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Small retail outlets
  • Tutoring services
  • Pet care services
  • Senior home care
  • Youth sports leagues
  • Property management services
  • Mobile hair and beauty services
  • Event decor
  • Janitorial services

What are the benefits of owning a cheap franchise?

The success of a franchise hinges upon the right combination of enthusiasm and smart business decisions. Investing in a more affordable franchise opportunity is the perfect solution for couples seeking to accomplish their goals without going overboard with the expenses. Here are some of the primary advantages of investing in a cheap franchise opportunity:

  • Low start-up costs: Cheaper franchise opportunities come with fewer financial obligations, offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their business with lower start-up costs. Couples can invest in a franchise offering carry forward expenses that can be managed without breaking the bank.
  • Easier expansion: As the company’s financial status stabilizes, couples can easily expand their brand into other areas or increase their services without investing a large sum of money.
  • Less risk failure: Since the investment is not as hefty as conventional franchise models, couples are more likely to recuperate losses faster and more effectively. As a result, couples are more willing to take risks than they would be with traditional franchising.
  • Versatility: Cheap franchise opportunities allow couples to juggle different roles and still manage the business without excessive assistance. Couples also have the ability to experiment with different strategies to see what works and build their confidence in the business as they go.
  • Time flexibility: Couples are able to set their own pace for managing the business without the pressure of meeting strict deadlines or countersigning crucial documents.

Are there any downsides to cheap franchises?

Like any business decision, there are some risks associated with investing in a cheap franchise opportunity. It is important for couples to remember that any investment comes with its challenges, and although potential profits may be lower than with a traditional franchise, the required investment and start-up costs are much lower as well. Therefore, it may take longer to generate capital gains, and couples must decide if they are willing to invest the time necessary for the business to become profitable.

Moreover, since couples are still required to make investments, even though they may be of relatively smaller amounts, couples must be aware that the success of their business is always their own responsibility. Couples will have to consider all risks before investing and also be cautious of any potential loss.

What is the difference between traditional franchises and cheap franchises?

The main difference between traditional and cheap franchises lies in the financial obligation on the end of the investor. With traditional franchises, couples may need to raise anywhere from $250,000 to $1 million to invest in a business that is reliable and backed by a well-known brand. On the other hand, couples can launch a franchise business without exceeding an investment of $5,000.

Most cheap franchises also have lesser requirements than those of a traditional franchise. For instance, couples may not be required to obtain as much insurance or investment capital as they would in a traditional franchise, allowing them to begin operations on a much quicker timeline. Furthermore, the resources available to the couple after becoming a franchisee will vary, depending on the franchisor’s model. The customer service aspect of the franchise may or may not be that of a more developed model.

It is important for couples to remember that the success of a franchise lies on a couple’s ability to best serve their customers, so they must identify their key strengths before launching into any type of franchise business.


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