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Best Franchises under $20K

Getting started in a franchise is a smart way to become your own boss. With the right choice for a franchised business, it can be affordable to get started and you may even choose from a range of options and investment amounts. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking for information about franchising and guidance with regards to investing in a business. If you’re looking for low-cost options for investment, here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the best franchises under 20k.

Q1. What is the Process for Purchasing a Franchise Under 20K?

The process for purchasing a franchise under 20K consists of a five-step process. The first step is to select your ideal franchise or business. You can browse through the IFPG online directory of affordable franchises or compare prices of franchises of your particular interest. Once you’ve found a franchise that you like, it’s time to do your due diligence. Make sure to research the franchisor and franchise agreement, competition in the sector, customer base, and the feasibility of the business. The third step involves hiring a franchise consultant who can help you analyze the data and provide guidance regarding any questions you may have. The fourth step is to decide the investment amount, and lastly, it’s time to execute the franchise agreement and launch the business.

Q2. Are there Any Franchise Fee Waivers, Grants, or Other Financial Incentives for Startups Under 20K?

Yes, there are often programs and incentives available from the government, franchisors, or other third parties. Many of these financial incentives are regional or local in nature, so it’s best to contact the Small Business Administration (SBA), the local SBDC, or the SCORE chapter to see what programs are available in your area. Additionally, many franchisors themselves have programs or incentives to help entrepreneurs get funding for their business. It’s also possible to find various grants and discounts available from local or national foundations, which can help you reduce the cost of getting started.

Q3. What Are the Pros and Cons of Franchises Under 20K?

The primary advantage of franchises under 20K is the lower capital requirement and smaller initial investment. Low-cost franchises make it possible to pursue the dream of business ownership without having to allocate substantial resources. Additionally, many franchisors, especially those who are well-established, offer comprehensive training and support, which can be beneficial for novice business owners or new franchisees. On the other hand, keep in mind that these lower-cost franchises tend to have more limitations than their more expensive counterparts. Also, given the smaller investment, you’ll likely face more competition due to the fact that many people can afford to enter the franchise game.

Q4. What Are Some of the Most Popular Franchises Under 20K?

It depends on the sector you are targeting, but some of the more popular franchises under 20K include pet care businesses such as Dogtopia, computer repair and computer shop franchises like Geeks on Call, and home improvement services like Handyman Connection. Other well-known franchises in this lower price range include Mystery Shoppers Wanted, Bubbletown, College Hunks Hauling Junk, Oxygen Air, Peter Piper Pizza, and Wild Birds Unlimited.

Q5. What Is the Best Way to Find Affordable Franchises?

The best way to find affordable franchises is by taking your time to research the industry and potential franchisors. Start with the IFPG online directory to get an overview of the available affordable franchises. Evaluate the initial costs, royalty rates, and total investment amount and compare them to similar businesses in the industry. Next, contact a franchise consultant to get more information about the franchise and specific details about the offering. And lastly, you should attend franchise trade shows or expos. These events are a great way to get more information and network with people in your field.

Q6. Are There Any Additional Tips or Advice for Prospective Franchisees?

Yes, there are a couple of additional tips that prospective franchisees should take into consideration when evaluating a franchise investment. First and foremost, it is important to trust the franchisor and be confident about the strength of the system. Curtailing costs can be a great way to start-up a business, but the franchise should have the track record and resources to ensure success. Second, ensure to evaluate the location and competition in the area before making a decision. Lastly, research the management team and make sure that you are in agreement with their vision for the business.


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