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Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a franchise business opportunity often have questions about background screening franchises. Background screening franchises help businesses to make an informed decision by providing comprehensive background and consumer analysis services. From establishing the creditworthiness of a potential customer to uncovering past criminal activity, background check services help business owners ensure they are making sound hires and doing appropriate due diligence when it comes to who they do business with. Prospective franchisees often have questions when it comes to the costs, operations, and legalities involved in a background screening franchise venture. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) identifies the most commonly asked questions about background screening franchises to help prospects make the informed decision that is right for them.

What Is a Background Screening Franchise?

A background screening franchise is a business that provides companies with comprehensive background and consumer analysis services. From verifying the identity and credentials of a potential partner, to performing criminal background checks to rule out any person with a history of criminal activity, background checks are invaluable for businesses looking to protect their assets and customers. Services of many background screening franchises also go beyond simple background checks, offering extra services such as background checks for license plate data, personal presence verifications, and employment history records.

What Kind of Investment Is Required to Start a Background Screening Franchise?

The cost of starting a background screening franchise varies depending on several factors. The location and size of a business, as well as the additional services offered, all affect the amount of capital required for an investment. Many background screeners are set up in home offices and can be started with relatively low investment capital. Franchises with full-service offices in larger population centers may require larger investments.

Are Background Screening Franchises Legal?

Yes. Background screening is recognized by the federal government as a business-essential service. Background checks fall under the Fair Credit Reporting Act ( FCRA) which is a regulatory regime that governs how consumer credit data is collected, used, and disclosed. Franchises must be vigilant in complying with FCRA guidelines when conducting background checks in order to avoid any legal complications.

What Kind of Training Do Background Screening Franchisees Receive?

Franchisees receive a comprehensive introduction and training package that covers all aspects of the background screening industry. In addition to the core operations of the business, franchisees also learn the legal, management and financial aspects of running a background screening franchise. Franchisees are also taught the sales and marketing skills needed to make their business successful.

What Do Background Screening Franchises Need to Know to Thrive?

For a background screening franchise to succeed, franchisees need to be knowledgeable about the background screening industry and the markets they serve. In order to accurately assess a candidate’s background and create an informed report, background screeners must know what types of information to include in the report. Understanding industry regulations, trends, and the parameters of effective background checks is important, and a comprehensive understanding of how the background screening industry works is key. Additionally, prospective franchisees should have the entrepreneurial skills and dedication needed to run a successful business.

What Are Some Advantages to Investing in a Background Screening Franchise?

Investing in a background screening franchise allows entrepreneurs to gain control over their working hours and earning potential. Owners can establish their own hours and fees, perform duties remotely as well as on-site, and set their own goals for success. There is also potential for growth and success as more and more companies require background screenings. By providing comprehensive background checks for potential or existing employees, franchisees can help businesses to protect their assets and customers, making their services more in demand.


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