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Aspiring entrepreneurs often explore franchising as an attractive way to purchase and operate an existing business. Franchises provide access to a well-developed brand, proven processes and systems, and support. From single-unit franchises to large-scale franchise networks, there is a multitude of opportunities and the potential for great financial rewards.

Many people consider purchasing a franchise toward the end of their career when they are ready to start a new business. And while franchising can offer great resources and support, it’s important to understand the key aspects before investing. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about purchasing a franchise.

What are the Different Types of Franchises?

The type of franchise you invest in depends on your budget, the desired scale for the business, your investment goals, and experience. Generally, there are three types of franchise agreements:

  1. Single-Unit: This is the most common type of franchise agreement. A single-unit franchisee operates one business location, such as a retail store, food truck, or gas station.
  2. Multi-Unit: This type of franchise involves the ownership of more than one location. Multi-unit franchisees usually reap the benefits of more revenue and cost savings.
  3. Area Representative: With an area representative (or master) franchise, the franchisee is granted the right to develop multiple units both inside and outside of a defined market. The franchisee also acts as an intermediary between the franchisor and other franchisees in the group.

What Can I Expect in a Typical Franchise Agreement?

Most franchise agreements include the same key components across different franchisors. You’ll find details on franchisor rights and responsibilities, operational standards, disclosure requirements, fees and royalties, and more.

Franchise agreements outline the terms and conditions of the franchisor-franchisee relationship, emphasizing the importance of consistency in the goods and services. Typically, you will have a set of rules and procedures that you must follow in order to maintain the high quality standards of the franchisor’s brand.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Franchise?

For entrepreneurs new to running a business, franchising can be a great way to step into the world of small business ownership with less risk. By buying into an existing system, you have access to both tangible and intangible resources that can help establish your business more quickly.

Franchising can also be less expensive than buying an existing business. You don’t need to buy real estate, hire dozens of employees, or purchase expensive equipment. Additionally, franchisors often provide ongoing support, including marketing, advertising, and operational assistance.

What Are the Risks?

Like any type of business, there is a risk associated with purchasing a franchise. Franchisees can suffer from the same risks faced by an independent small business, such as financial losses or the changing consumer needs and demand. Additionally, oversaturation in the market or competition can challenge the success of any business. It is important to rigorously evaluate every franchise investment to understand the possible risks.

What Are Some Key Tips to Maximize Profitability?

Successful franchise owners leverage the resources and support provided by franchisors to maximize growth and profitability. It is also important to establish your support network and leverage local resources. Other key strategies to maximize profitability include:

  • Understand and adhere to the franchisor’s components of success and operational basics.
  • Select and use the technology solutions necessary to manage all aspects of the business.
  • Set realistic financial goals and track your progress.
  • Develop and cultivate relationships with vendors, suppliers, and customers.

Where Can I Find the Right Franchise for Me?

Determining the right franchise opportunity for you depends on your goals and resources. It is important to research different franchisors before signing any agreements. International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) can help, as our membership-based franchise consulting network has more than 1,300 investors who can provide detailed insight into franchising.


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